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Recent news has revealed/rumored that Marvel and Netflix plan to team up again for three more MCU television shows including Blade, Ghost Rider and Punisher. While all these shows are gonna be awesome and hopefully give the characters proper justice; rather than suck, be passable or start out awesome and then suck, the Punisher is the one I'm most excited about. The Punisher has been a favorite comic book character of mine for a long time and I would love to see the character get the justice it deserves after having three cracks at the bat.

However, if the Netflix does happen, there are few things that should happen to make the show really aspire to the greatness that was the Daredevil show.

1. Have Daredevil cameo and they do not get along

The great thing about the chemistry between Punisher and Daredevil is that they both want the exact same thing... But want to accomplish it in different ways. Both Daredevil and Punisher want to eradicate crime but Punisher feels that criminals chose their paths and deserve to die for it while Daredevil believes that the justice system works and that the courts should deal with the criminals. This constantly puts against each other but neither can do anything to stop each other because Punisher won't kill Daredevil due to him not being a criminal and Daredevil has a strict no killing rule. While they do sometimes work together in the comics, they are mostly bitter rivals and to see this on the small screen would be amazing to watch.

2. Make Jigsaw the main villain

Punisher doesn't have many recurring villains due to him constantly executing them but Jigsaw is not only one of his recurring enemies, he's his archenemy. The story about Jigsaw is basically that Punisher was doing his thing and attacking a mob family and got into a fight with a Maggia hitman named Billy "The Beaut" Russo. During the fight, Punisher threw him through a glass pane and thinks he has killed him. However, he survived and became horribly scarred as a result, making his face look like a jigsaw puzzle. The interesting thing about Jigsaw is that he become uncomfortably obsessed with the Punisher to the point that it's really creepy and weird. Jigsaw first becomes obsessed with killing Punisher, then he becomes obsessed with just ruining his life but then he just becomes obsessed Punisher himself to the point where he actually reveals that he loves him.

This not only makes him more of three dimensional character but also more of a scary villain which the MCU could use more of. If there should be a main villain on the Punisher Netflix series, let it be Jigsaw.

3. Frank has flashbacks of his family's murder, No origin

We have had three movies about this character, and two of them have been barely passable through their own rights. While none have really done the origin story really that much justice, I think Punisher: War Zone had the right idea about having flashbacks to show what happened to Frank Castle's family and why he does the things he does. These were also very effective in the Daredevil series with showing the backstories of both Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk. We don't need a fleshed out backstory about the Punisher because most of the people who are gonna be watching it already know the origins about the character and the flashbacks will give the non-comic book readers enough information to go on.

4. Reference Spider-Man to some degree

A little history about the Punisher; he was first introduced to Marvel Comics in 1974 in Amazing Spider-Man #129 trying to assassinate Spider-Man. While it is a wild longshot that Spider-Man would even appear in this show, it would be fun to see the show make references to it titular character's roots and maybe reference a future franchise. It wouldn't have to be anything huge, it can be like in Daredevil when Wesley referenced both Iron Man and Thor. I'm not expecting Spider-Man to guest star but it would be nice to reference the upcoming hero.


What is your biggest hope for Netflix's Punisher


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