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This is the first installment to my new series BATTLE ARENA, where I pit 2 fictional characters in a battle to see who is more supreme in the world of fiction.

Our first fighters are...

The Punisher aka Frank Castle

Frank Castle was a nice old family veteran, only for his family to get murdered by merciless criminals. This drove Frank to the edge, transforming him into the man known as The Punisher.


  • Has perfect combat skills and experience. He has been in many wars and has been fighting against crime for years. All of this adds up to his amount of experience and skill he has gained when it comes to fighting crime and taking out criminals any way that he can.
  • Is a weapons expert in almost every field. He is a skilled sharpshooter, expert in a firefight, has pin point accuracy with his firearms, is skilled in utilizing blades, and even knows how to pilot a helicopter.
  • He has immense pain tolerance and durability. While he is a normal man, his pain tolerance has gained acknowledgement from some of the greats. He refuses to use pain pills, due to the drowsiness, but he doesn't need pain pills, as he has pushed himself to tremendous levels. This, added with the level of protection thanks to his Kevlar armor allows him to take a punch and a gunshot.

Now lets look at our second combatant!

Max Payne

Max Payne was quite the cop. He worked with the NYPD and the DEA, and was one of their top officers. He had a family, and a reliable partner. But all of this changed as his family was murdered in cold blood. This, plus with the murder of his partner, which he was framed for, made Max realize that the law isn't enough to stop these people. He needs to become something greater, and took the law into his own hands.


  • Immense speed and reflexes. Max is able to react to things that no ordinary man can react to. He has his special unique ability to utilize the "shootdodge", where he dodges gunfire and retaliates with his own gunfire successfully, proving that he is fast enough to avoid speeding bullets.
  • Skilled hand to hand combatant. Max's immense speed combined with the skills he has learned as a cop and vigilante allows him to become quite the foe when fighting him using your fisticuffs.
  • He is in top physical condition and is skilled in the use of many firearms, specifically using his smg the "Ingram", his 9mm Pistol, his Colt Commando, and a sawed off shotgun as his go to firearms during his time putting criminals in their place. He also likes to add a little more brutality and uses melee weapons such as a lead pipe to beat his victims to death.
  • Max Payne has immense pain tolerance and durability. Using pain pills to revitalize him and give him the boost he needs to keep fighting despite being extremely injured allows him to survive the most fatal of wounds, including a gunshot to the head and an overdose of a drug that was intended to kill him.

Now we have seen the skills and abilities these characters bring to the table, lets determine the outcome.


Fight Simulation:

(Multiple armed thugs are seen running away in fear in an alleyway as rain pours down on the city of New York.)

Thug 1: We gota get the hell outta here!

Thug 2: The boss left us here to die!

(The thugs look around in fear and try to find an escape route, only for the shadow of a large man to appear, leading to the thugs running away. They continue to run from the unknown man, only for one of the thugs to fall down.)

Fallen Thug: Guys! Help!

Thug 1: Sorry dude, i’m not dying!

(The fallen thug is left by himself as he tries to get up, only for his ankle to be sprained. He turns around and is approached by Max Payne.)

Thug: Dude, i’m sorry, I promise, I won’t bother you any more, i’ll be good, i’ll turn myself in!

Max: Shut up.

(Max shoots the thug in the head with a 9mm pistol, then continues his pursuit. The other thugs continue to try and escape, entering the park. They run through the wet mud in their escape attempt, only for the thug that is farthest up front to step on a landmine in the mud, blowing him to bits. The last 2 thugs stare in fear and scream as their friend’s blood and flesh drips off their skin. They attempt to run away, only for one of the thugs to get shot in the back by an unseen shooter.)

Thug: Shit, shit, shit.

(The last thug attempts to hide behind a tree, only for his hand to get shot.)

Thug: Agh!!!

(The thug looks at his palm as he sees the clear hole made by the shooter. The thug runs away, only to get shot in the leg by the shooter, causing him to fall forward. He crawls away, only to see a black chevy impala pull up to him.)

Thug: Help me!!

(The front door to the vehicle opens up, revealing Max Payne, who shoots the thug in the head with his 9mm. Max is then shot in the chest by the shooter, leading to Max quickly entering his car where he reloads his gun.)

Max: What the hell?

(The Punisher is then seen aiming his sniper rifle.)

Punisher: Now who are you?

(The Punisher begins to aim down his sniper, only for Max Payne to quickly eat some pain pills and open the back hatch of his car, allowing him to gain access to the weapons he has stored in his trunk, including his own sniper rifle.)

Max: Alright, buddy, lets see where you’re at.

(Max aims his sniper in the direction of where he was shot and sees The Punisher aiming directly at him.)

Max & Punisher simultaneously: Bingo!

(The 2 men fire their snipers at the same time, causing their bullets to fly and hit the other. Max quickly pulls the bolt on his sniper and continues to shoot at The Punisher, who runs out of ammunition in his rifle.)

Punisher: Shit.

(The Punisher quickly tosses his sniper aside and pulls out an M16 assault rifle. He tosses a smoke grenade, allowing him to proceed to Max’s location unseen.)

Max: Smoke, nice.

(Max sets his sniper aside and takes out his Colt Commando automatic rifle. He aims it down as he slowly proceeds into the cloud of smoke.)

Max: Where are you, buddy?

(Max is suddenly jabbed in the head by the back to The Punisher’s M16, knocking Max onto the ground. The Punisher runs and kicks Max in the gut, then aims his rifle at Max, who quickly retaliates by shooting The Punisher in the chest. The Punisher stumbles back and rolls behind cover while Max quickly stands and aims his rifle.)

Max: Come on, I don’t have all day.

(The Punisher quickly stands and fires his assault rifle at Max, who dives out of the way using his shootdodge technique, allowing him to dodge the gunfire perfectly and fire back at The Punisher. The Punisher is shot three times in the chest, knocking him onto the ground. He is protected by his kevlar armor, however, allowing him to crawl to cover behind a tree where he pick the bullets out of his chest.)

Punisher: (Mutters.) He’s good.

(The Punisher reloads his assault rifle and throws a flash bang, blinding Max. The Punisher stands and fires his rifle at Max, who runs away, blindly, only to trip over a rock and fall into the ground. The Punisher runs and shoots at Max, who regains his sight and fires his rifle at The Punisher as well, leading to their bullets colliding with one another. Max runs out of ammo, forcing him to roll out of the way while The Punisher continues to unload his clip. The Punisher quickly gets to cover and begins to reload again. He aims his rifle down, only to get shot at by Max, who has brought out his Ingram smg. The Punisher is shot in the chest twice and has his head grazed by the bullets. Max slowly walks over to The Punisher, who quickly rams into Max, lifting his Ingram smg into the air, giving The Punisher the chance to knee Max in the gut multiple times. Max then headbutts The Punisher in the face and slams the butt of his smg into The Punisher’s head, knocking him onto the ground, only for The Punisher to sweep kick Max, causing him to fall onto the ground. The Punisher quickly aims his rifle and shoots Max, shooting him 3 times. Max quickly crawls and runs to his car, avoiding any further gunshot wounds fired from The Punisher.)

Max: Agh!

(Max slowly pulls the bullets out of his body.)

Max: Jesus fuck!

(Max takes some pain pills and looks over, only to find The Punisher gone.)

Max: Shit.

(Max quickly reloads and aims his Ingram around, not noticing The Punisher behind him. Max hears The Punisher and quickly turns around in an attempt to hit The Punisher in the face with his smg, only for The Punisher to grab his arms, hold them in place, and knee Max in the gut multiple times before flipping Max over on his back. The Punisher begins punching Max in the face multiple times, following the assault by taking out a combat knife and slamming it down onto Max, who catches his arm and holds it in place. The 2 struggle to overpower the other. Max begins to get overpowered, leading to The Punisher’s knife pressing against his chest, slightly piercing his skin. Max quickly grabs his holstered 9mm pistol and shoots The Punisher in the chest with an entire clip before pistol whipping him in the face. This causes The Punisher to stumble back while Max gets up and begins his beatdown on The Punisher, pistol whipping the back of his head, kneeing him in the face, then quickly reloading his pistol, where he then shoots The Punisher in the leg twice.)

Max: You’re good, but it’s time for you to know who runs this city.

(Max aims his pistol at The Punisher’s head, only for The Punisher to knock Max’s hand out of the way and slash Max 2 times in a quick succession with his combat knife. Max attempts to shoot The Punisher, only for the latter to grab Max’s arm and break it, putting Max in extreme amounts of pain. The Punisher then punches Max onto the ground and pulls out a laser pointed pistol.)

Punisher: You let your guard down, amateur mistake.

(The Punisher fires his pistol, only for Max to utilize his shootdodge, jumping out of the way, avoiding the bullet, and shooting The Punisher 4 times with his newly equipped Desert Eagle. Max rolls onto his feet and aims his Desert Eagle at The Punisher for a killshot, only for The Punisher to throw his combat knife, slicing Max’s hand. This leads to Max dropping his pistol, allowing The Punisher to run and tackle Max into his own car. The Punisher punches Max in the face twice, then roundhouse kicks him in the face. Max slowly falls to the ground while The Punisher looks at him.)

Punisher: You managed to shoot me quite a bit, that’s quite the achievement, buddy, but right now, i’m going to blow your head off.

(The Punisher takes out his smg and aims it at Max, who quickly reaches into his car’s trunk. The Punisher sees this and fires his gun at Max’s hand, only for Max to quickly slide his hand away, avoiding the bullets, allowing Max to swing his lead pipe into The Punisher’s face, causing The Punisher to stumble. Max gets up and hits The Punisher in the face multiple times with his lead pipe, only for The Punisher to quickly recuperate and catch the pipe mid swing. The Punisher smirks and aims his smg at Max’s stomach. Max quickly kicks the barrel of The Punisher’s gun, resulting in his foot getting blown off, but this allows Max to get control over his lead pipe and swing it into The Punisher’s face once more, knocking The Punisher onto the ground. Max limps over to his car and reaches in his trunk. The Punisher sees this and fires his smg at Max, only for the smg to be empty. The Punisher quickdraws dual pistols at Max, who quickly takes out a sawed off shotgun and shoots The Punisher in the chest before The Punisher shoots him. This knocks The Punisher onto the ground, further damaging his armor.)

Punisher: Agh…

(Max struggles to stand due to his injuries, but limps over to The Punisher and aims his sawed off shotgun at The Punisher’s head. The Punisher quickly takes out a butterfly knife and jams it into Max’s knee, causing him to shoot the ground. This allows The Punisher to stand, grab Max, walk him over to his own car, and smash his head against the trunk. The Punisher then looks inside the trunk, only to see an empty grenade belt. Max is seen on the ground with an unpinned grenade and lets it go, leading to the grenade exploding, detonating the car, blowing The Punisher into a tree, while Max is seen rolling down a hill as an escape route. The Punisher gets up and looks down the hill to see Max slowly getting up.)

Punisher: You never learn.

(Max slowly reloads his sawed off shotgun and grips a molotov cocktail. He turns around and is attacked by The Punisher wielding a combat knife. Max quickly throws his molotov cocktail at The Punisher engulfing him in fire. This allows Max to shoot him twice with his sawed off shotgun. The Punisher yells in pain, then quickly tackles Max into a tree, enduring the pain of being burnt. The Punisher punches Max multiple times with his fiery fists. Max punches The Punisher once, only for The Punisher to quickly retaliate and uppercut Max, then kicking him onto the ground. The fire engulfing The Punisher becomes extinguished thanks to the rain, revealing an extremely burnt Punisher, who limps towards Max, who is on the ground in pain.)

Max: Heh… you’re good. (Smirks, revealing bloody teeth.)

Punisher: Shut up.

(The Punisher takes Max’s sawed off shotgun, reaches into his ammo pack, and load the shotgun.)

Max: (Looks into the sky.) Fuck me.

(The Punisher then shoots Max in the head, blowing his brains open all over the floor, killing him.)

Winner =The Punisher

Reason: Frank Castle takes the win in this battle between highly trained crime fighting killers out for vengeance. Max may have a few advantages over The Punisher, mainly his speed and reflexes, being able to utilize his shootdodge technique, which is basically bullet time. Meaning Max is fast enough to dodge bullets with ease. This will prove a problem for Frank, but this is The Punisher people, the guy who has dealt with Daredevil and Spider-Man on multiple occasions, both of them being able to dodge gunfire with ease. Now another thing Max may have that might prove a problem, his endurance and pain tolerance. He is able to take a massive beating and be fine, thanks to the pain pills he uses in battle, which allows him to revitalize himself and continue fighting. Now The Punisher also has immense durability and pain tolerance, but he gets the edge here mainly due to the fact that he doesn't rely on pain pills and medications like Max does, plus The Punisher also possesses the greater armor, wearing kevlar, allowing him to endure Max’s firearms. Max may prove a decent fighter as well, he is nowhere near The Punisher’s level when it comes to combat experience. The Punisher takes the win.


The unstoppable Marvel behemoth
The unstoppable Marvel behemoth


The science experiment that killed the Man of Steel
The science experiment that killed the Man of Steel

Hope you guys enjoyed this and hope you read my next Battle Arena in 2 days :D


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