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Michael Valadez

Director Nick Fury walks In the room where Scott Lang seems to be. Scott is looking at his suit and smiling about how he has become a hero and another symbol to earth. Nick Fury grabs his shoulder.

"Mr Lang I have been informed on what you done and I want to offer you a position for a special team" says Nick Fury as he holds out a file contain the words Avengers on it.

"you want me to join your little pack of lab monkeys and aliens?" Asked Scott as he chuckled.

"more like giving you a chance to save the planet from any dangers that out out of this world. Scott we are close to an infinity War and we need a lot of help" explains Nick fury.

"huh well how am I going to be much help?" Asked Scott as he took the file from Fury's hands.

"we will train you with the rest of the group that just joined" answered Fury.

Scott closed the folder and looked at his suit once more.

"I'm in" he finally says.

"great now you can help me recruit this young man" says Fury as he smiles and hands Scott another file.

It was a picture of a young boy with glasses and it had a name on it.



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