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In honor of the upcoming 17th season of Big Brother (yay!), I've decided to make a list of my personal favorite house-guests. Mind you, some of them will probably be people that you absolutely despised. But in my opinion, they were great and definitely kept things interesting.

Rachel Reilly [Seasons 12 & 13]

She was b*tchy and spiteful and cried a lot and had an annoying laugh, but she's definitely one of my favorites. Rachel knew how to keep things going and she didn't take any crap from anyone.

She also cracked me up a lot. Mine and my mom's favorite memory of Rachel is when she was crying in the bushes and...Man, it's just too much sometimes. She's hilarious. I hope they bring Rachel back again.

And maybe even her husband, Brendan, whom she met on the show.

Jordan Lloyd & Jeff Schroeder [Seasons 11 & 13]

Jordan was the sweetest and most adorable girl I've ever even seen. Her accent was so cute and I adored her. Still do.

Plus, she and Jeff were the sweetest couple of all time. God, and their engagement...*swoon*

Dan Gheesling [Seasons 10 & 14]

Manipulative. Rude. Winner.

Dan was an amazing player. Probably the best I've seen so far, honestly. Well, there was Evil Dick, but I vote Dan.

I miss Dan.

Zach Rance [Season 16]

I think we can all agree that Zach made some questionable choices. But I'll be the first to admit that I was a hardcore Zankie shipper.

Until Frankie totally screwed Zach over. I mean, I know it's Big Brother, but come on, man. Have you no lines you won't cross? Zach cried and cried and I felt so bad for him. Even my mom felt bad for him, and she totally hated that guy.

Oh, Zach. I do hope they bring you back.

Cody Calafiore [Season 16]

Cody is seriously the cutest human being. Not only was he super adorable, but he was also the nicest guy in the house. Derrick deserved to win season 16, but I was glad that Cody made it to runner-up; he definitely deserved it.

Those are my favorite house-guests, or at least some of them! Who are yours?


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