Bybrandon rosas, writer at

This is my personal ideal post credits for 2017s Marvel Studios Spiderman movie. It's also a reference to this characters first appearance.

Credits have rolled and a scene appears of spiderman swinging around in the middle of the night. He lands on a building, calls aunt May saying he's going to be late tonight and he apologizes while she's screaming on the phone and then out of nowhere a sniper scope goes in front of the camera watching spiderman as he webs away you hear a voice say "he's just a kid?" And the scope goes down as the camera pans back slowly to this shadowy figure in a black leather coat. As he turns around and walks towards the camera the final scene is the punisher logo coming straight towards the camera. Then we get a black scene with Just one sentence "The Punisher will return on netflix"

That's what I would love to see and the actor doesn't have to be shown so they would still have time to speculate who that was. For those who took the time thank you for reading this. It's my first post and this is an idea I've had in my head for a while.


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