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Welcome back for another edition of Clips That Make Us Smile! We have a fun one this week, with some timely videos that will surely get your weekend off on the right foot!

Entourage - Honest Trailer

This week Entourage opens in movie theaters after a four year wait for fans of the popular HBO show. The creator of the show and cast all return to make the leap to the big-screen and it looks exactly how you would expect. Which is a good thing. If Entourage is your thing. Trust me, Screen Junkies can explain it way better than I can...

How It Should Of Ended - Avengers: Age of Ultron

While Avengers: Age of Ultron was a huge hit, many had issues with a lot of the story decisions that were made. Who better than HISHE to correct some of those errors and make a more...hilarious end to the Marvel extravaganza. So get ready to relive the Age of Ultron like it should have been.

Predator: Dark Ages

You never know why certain combinations work or how they came together. All I know is that tomato and lettuce, peanut butter and jelly, Taco Bell and toilet bowls, all seem to make sense when combined. Well we have a new combination that seems random at first, but maybe writer and director James Bushe is on to something when he pits the Templars Knights against the Predator. Enjoy this impressive fan film.

Five Reasons Movies Bomb - Mr Sunday Movies

It is the summer season and with all the blockbusters coming down the pipeline, there will inevitably be some movies that will flop. Mr. Sunday Movies gives his five reasons for why movies bomb at the box-office. So hopefully we can use his guide to avoid some duds coming our way. Enjoy!

Tell us what you thought about the clips! Which ones were your favorite? Your opinion matters to us! If you ever find any clips that make you smile, let us know and maybe we can feature yours in the next edition!

Source: Predator: Dark Ages, Mr. Sunday Movies, HISHE, Screen Junkies


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