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James George

A dark, sprawling realm of decay and ruin. Seas of black fire, set within vast plains of ashy ground and rotted trees, crackle and burn as they char the bodies of the hopeless and the damned. On a large hill, overseeing all of the misery, is a grand throne made of bones, upon which sits a hideous, wickedly-grinning man with rich, vivid skin and dressed in a dark, opulent robe of blood crimson. He has his hand open wide in front of him, and within his palm is a small scene reconstructed with bluish-black flames. The scene: the final battle between the Avengers and the all-powerful Mad Titan, Thanos.

"Hmmm . . . the realm of humans never ceases to intrigue me."

The scarlet-cloaked figure arises from his throne as he continues to observe that foolish Titan, in all his huffing and blustering, lose pitiably to these broken creatures. In spite of his acquisition of the legendary Infinity Stones, this sad beast was still brought to his knees by even sadder creatures—mere mortals—in such a disreputable and disgraceful fashion.

"It is interesting to note how far these 'mere mortals' are willing to go to protect their precious home."

The scene of the victorious Avengers vanishes from his hand in a puff of smoke. His grin widens as he takes note of how weak and spent they are after their efforts. They will surely be unable to withstand another great war such as that. In addition, these delusional pockets of flesh have little understanding of his brand of evil, or the machinations he is capable of setting into motion. Where their flawed "science" failed, the infernal powers of Mephisto shall surely succeed.

"It seems now would be the best time to unleash . . ."

He turns to the camera with maliciously glowing eyes . . .

"Hell . . ."

Thus begins "Phase Four".


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