ByTramaine Terrance, writer at

This movie is a piece shit. How dare these humans make this garbage. Making it seem like we're getting a movie about Michael Myers and then we get this shit. Why on earth would you even call it Halloween and make it part of the series when it has nothing to do with Michael Myers? Sometimes in life, humans don't have passion for the work they create. All they care about is making more money. As a result, they make shit like this. Just remember, humans- a piece of shit is a piece of shit even if you polish it up real nice. Nope. That shit is terrible. I'll buy this film just to shit on it and then burn it. Just make sure you watch this film and don't even think of the Halloween series. Otherwise, you will punch the human next to you out of frustration. I love the Halloween series. Michael Myers is such a cool character. He walks around not giving a fuck about anything or anyone. He will do whatever it takes to wipe out his family and dares any human to get in his way. There is no reason to talk when you that bad-ass. His strength is beyond amazing considering that he is suppose to be human. Scary, creepy, smart, fast and someone who possesses teleportation abilities. Some humans on this planet might think Halloween is a good film. Even if it wasn't connected to the Halloween series, it would still be a piece of shit film. I feel i can make a better film in my sleep. John Carpenter would never approve of this bullshit in any universe. If you like this film, i'm not mad at you. However, i would feel like slapping you on general principal. Terrance speaks his mind no matter what humans have to say about it. I'm not just going to eat this shit up just because they say it's part of the Halloween series. Michael Myers would just stab the human that made this film. Like- "How dare you not write me in this movie so i can kill more humans!!!!" Bare that in mind even though this mother fucker to a large degree doesn't speak.


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