ByTramaine Terrance, writer at

Wayward Pines is a show that will grab you by your spirit and never let go. Just when you think everything is normal, it isn't. Imagine being forced to live with something you know in your heart is not true. If you choose to be brave and smart, you will be killed on general principle. Your life before Wayward Pines doesn't matter. The humans you knew before don't matter. Nothing matter except blending in and pretending to like your life in Wayward Pines. Sounds shitty, doesn't it? Most humans are cowards. You will hear many humans that suggest otherwise, but they will be full of smelly horse shit. Fear is one of the best ways to control humans. Like puppets on strings. Wayward Pines can work the way that it does because most of humanity is weak. I don't give a flying fuck what God humans prey to. It's not enough to keep them strong. You will see humans constantly and consistently showing weakness. As if they don't care about doing the right thing. I believe that 95% of humanity right now could not handle being in Wayward Pines. Let me tell you what i would do, humans. I would do whatever it takes to get up out of that crazy ass town. Even if it meant killing every human there. Men, women, children, it doesn't matter. I love my freedom. I'm not letting some dirtbag humans take that away from me. You must be strong to get through all sorts of terrible things in life. When your mind is strong, nothing in the universe can break you. In Wayward Pines, they know most of these humans are weak. Thus the town will be around for a long time. Until the human species as a whole gets stronger. No matter what episode- this show manages to keep me on the edge of my seat. Always wondering what's going to happen next. Love when a TV show can do that for me. Hope is for losers. It's much more important to have mental strength and will power. Humans may disagree with me. Just remember, most of what you know is programmed in you for the sake of making sure you are a weak, pathetic sheep unable to think for yourself. Please at least watch the first episode of this show to see what i speak of.


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