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Recently I have been limiting the articles I write for moviepilot, but it was all for a good reason. I have been working on a short fan film called The Hammer of Mara with my five year old sister to turn her into a superhero. It is finally finished, and it is cute, it is fun and it is action packed. It is not yet released to the internet yet, but I figured I'd share what I can. So below I give you the official synopsis and trailers for the film, along with a little insight on it. :)


After discovering a mystical hammer that only she can lift, five year old Mara learns that by wielding the hammer she gains the abilities of the Norse god of thunder Thor. Mara soon finds the reason why the hammer was sent to her and must protect the Earth from an unknown being who has been sent to destroy the world.

Announcement Trailer

Trailer #1

My Input

It took me and Mara close to two months to work on this film. The finished product is about 37 minutes long, which isn't bad for a short film. It is based on the Marvel comics, so the hammer is, of course, supposed to be the same hammer as Thor's in the comics. Except a little smaller. The villain, who will go unnamed for the time being, is also a Marvel villain who has not yet appeared in any Marvel films.

Though it is only a fan film, I have done my best to still keep it as a Marvel film. It comes complete with the Marvel logo, a Stan Lee cameo, Marvel music AND (maybe) a post-credits scene.

One of the neat things about this movie is that the only two (human) cast members are me and my sister. And yet, it often feels like there are more characters than that. We have already watched it a few times and it is very enjoyable. It's worth the time spent watching it and doesn't waste a second of your time. It moves quickly and keeps the story going with action, special effects, a good plot line and, of course, a few jokes here and there.

The Hammer of Mara will be released on June 12, 2015 on YouTube.

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