ByBrian harper, writer at

I have been waiting for Cars 3 ever since they announced the film last March of 2014. And there has not been any words of the film yet. There are some thing that i would like to see in Cars 3.

In cars 2 Lighting mcqueen and Sally went on a dinner date. Mater was the water. And in Cars 2 Lighting Mcqueen and Mater went to Mcqueen's race and it was around the world. Here are the next citys that they should put in Cars 3. Here are the list of the citys.

1. roseville CA when Lighting Mcqueen and Mater take a trip to California from Route 66 to Route 99.

2. Sacramento CA That could be Lighting Mcqueen's next big race could be in

3. Seattle Washington thats where Lighting Mcqueen and Mater travel's next.

There's so many other citys and states in United States.

Cars 3 could be release sometime in 2016 or 2017 there has not been announced for a release date yet.


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