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Rowan Odom

I am writing this article after seeing the contest to make the best post credits scene you can come up with, so this one is for Ant-Man, which would be a hint to Spider-Man.

The end-credits scene would instantly start in a high-school history class, and none other than Steve Rogers is at the front of the class, the teacher says "Well, class, thank Mr.Rogers for coming in today for our class!", the class claps, the bell rings for the class to leave, we then pan the camera over to Asa Butterfield (or whoever is going to play the wall-crawler) as Peter Parker pick up his backpack, and Steve puts a hand on his shoulder, and he says to Peter "Hey...Peter, right?".

Peter replies with a " did you know that, M-Mr. Rogers?" and then Steve looks at him and says "Listen, Peter, we know who you are, but we won't tell anyone...why don't you swing on over to the tower, webhead?" then the screen goes black, and like that fake post-credits scene for Age Of Ultron said:


The story would continue in CIVIL WAR.


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