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now the remaining character

Green lantern - Ranbir kapoor

charming and acting range is pretty broad.

Vandal sawage - Anil kapoor

need a man lived so many ages.........perfect gravita for this role

Sazham - Kunal kapoor

nice skills nice comic timing awesome commitment.......n needed physic

Black adam - Randeep hooda

want to see the darker versoin of shazam with more maturity than him.........well randeep will be awesome

Rick flagg jr. / sr. - Abhishek and Amitabh bacchan

best father-son dynamic possible but need to increase their role to a large extend to match their status

Deadstroke - Saif ali khan

need a super villain.............remember langara tyagi
he'll justify the status of deathstroke (well vikram will also be fine)

Harley quinn - priyanka chopra

i firstly thought her to cast for wonder women, then i thought who will be harleey with all those madness and to complete the chaos of joker so i saved her for here...............among best in the history of indian cinema.

Killer croc - Sanjay dutt

need no explanation pic is enough......n yes quite physically imposing

Amanda waller - Tabbu

dominance upon whole suicide squad........only sabana azmi and tabbu can play such a strong character but prefer tabbu over her.

Enchantress - Kangana ranawat

you want a witch..........gloom upon her face and her acting skills make her top contender for this position.

Ridller - Nawaz ud din siddqi

one to match the madness and curiosity of riddler then no other than him..............he can also play joker but i have someone else for him.

i considered nasseruddin shah but he's quite old.

Nightwing/Robin - Varun dhawan
a newbe ,dynamic and fill perfectly fill the space of robin or nightwing or even red hood.

Penguin - Ajay Devgan

need some make up and change in physic but i want a long penguin and their is no doubt over his acting skills (i think even one of the best actor over here)

Flash - Ranbir singh

charm, comic timing every thing we need in barrey allen and without beard he looks quite immature

Boomrang - Shahid Kapoor

someone to test ranbir singh.........well this guy plays indian version of hamlet "haider" one of the best acting and cinematic pieces ever seen even when i compared with european cinema. Even he may suck ranbir in this role.

Braniac - aamir khan

need anyone to play most awkward role perfectly without the touch of human..........he's best out there. mr perfectionist
he'll make this legendary and i don't like apocalypso as the final villain he's very powerful so he dont need any concrete planning n all, braniac will be perfect for the final battle.

Deadshot - Salman khan

well second most intruding villain of batman. Main one to play the part in joker's evil deals against batman. And a person who has his own different reasons for those deeds.

bottom line he has to stand against akshay kumar , SRK etc

Joker -shahrukh khan

he's the one the best to play that psychopath. i though him for batman but physically less imposing then i thought him for some the some n the same reason harley joker chemistry so i choose "baadshah khan" .


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