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In these times of social media, instant information and the need of the next best thing (I'm looking at you yearly phone releases and next-gen consoles), comic book films have (purposely or coincidentally) caused people to show a rare attribute to see nowadays: Patience.

People expect quality over quantity when it comes to film and the same principle applies to comic book films. People don't mind waiting 4 years for the next Batman or Avengers film. As long as the finished product is mind blowing (Avengers) or memorable (The Dark Knight).

Marvel Studios has proven already that they can materialize our childhood fantasies of seen Captain America fighting Red Skull and Thor bringing down the thunder in real life, but surely there's no way they could bring the Avengers together on screen, right?. Well, they did.

People have been craving to see what's the next thing Marvel Studios will show ever since we saw Nick Fury showing up at Tony Stark's penthouse and others have noticed.

Sony and Marvel Studios reached an agreement to have Spider-Man join the party. We have seen Spider-Man already being portrayed on screen twice but the hype is indescribable this time. Why?, because of the platform Spidey will be standing on this time around. It's a bigger stage, with higher stakes. But Sony sees the rewards its studio can collect from this gamble.

Whose to say that someone else wouldn't try to reach for a piece of that cake?

Fox has the X-men, enough said. And with it, one of the most famous fictional characters (comic book, sci-fi, etc) of all time: the Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman has done and excellent job during his tenure as our most favorite Canadian but he is almost at the end of the line. There is obviously the possibility of the reboot for the newer generations but the dedication Mr. Jackman has shown to this character is unparalleled. Why not letting him go out with the biggest bang of all? As an Avenger.

We can always dream about that situation to become real but, hey, remember when you dreamed about this:

It's nice to see your patience being rewarded, no?.

And now without further ado, here's the "Avengers: Age of Ultron" post credits scene that I dreamed of:

- The scene with Thanos grabbing the Infinity Gauntlet is still there and after the credits, this would follow:
- We (the audience) see the last shot of the movie where Captain America says: "Avengers..." and at that moment, a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent approaches him and interrupts him mid-sentence: "Sir, he is here".
- We are then shown the interior of an interrogation room with Nick Fury standing up by a table edge facing another figure sitting down across from him. We just see the silhouette of this person.
- Nick Fury then says: "Is there anything I can get for you? Coffee, tea, maybe a hair dresser?"
- "What do you want from me?" says the shady man with a hoarse voice.
- "Now, now, Mr. Howlett. No need to get antsy" Nick Fury tells him with a playful tone.
- Perplexed, the man asks: "How do you..." at the same time, Captain America enters the room and greets the man in the shadows: "Logan! so nice to see you, old friend. I would have sent you a post card but I was trapped in a block of ice. Nick, turn these lights on. We want him to feel welcome".
- The lights turn on and we finally see who's the mystery man: the Wolverine.
- Wolverine, in disbelief, addresses Captain America: "Rogers? Steve Rogers? but..."
- "I know. But our World War II stories will have to wait. We need a favor. In fact, the whole world needs a favor..." Captain America opens a classified dossier with pictures of the Hulk and the last known location of the Quinjet he used to escape. Captain America continues "Besides, I've been told you are the best there is at what you do".
- We are then transported to New York and we see the building that was once the Avengers Tower. The building has been re purposed for the Stark Industries businesses and it's still going through some repairs. We see then a young man approaching the receptionist at the main lobby: "Um, yeah, I'm here to... ah... see Mr. Stark?" the young man says, "I'm a reporter for the Daily Bugle".
- "One moment, please. In the meantime, please, sign your name here" the receptionist says. While waiting, the young man "senses" something is not right and notices that one of the construction scaffolds starts to give in and one of the construction workers on top of it loses his balance going straight for the ground. The young man surprisingly was there to catch him, several feet away from the receptionist desk. While carrying the construction worker, we hear the receptionist yelling at the young man: "Peter Parker?"
- "Yes?" the young man replies.
- "Mr. Stark is ready to see you, Come with me".
- Cut to black -

Well there you have it. Thank you so much for your time (and patience) and I hope you enjoyed the read. Feel free to comment!


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