ByNicky Romero, writer at

So most people have watched Avengers Age of Ultron by now and we loved it. And those that stayed for the end credits saw Thanos and the Infinty Gauntlet. Now I wanted to see something different for example we could see a new character getting intrduced in the end credit, now this is the character I wanted to see is Black Panther. I have loved Black Panther since I was a kid and cant wait til I see him in Civil War and when he gets his own standalone film.But now i will go into the specifics of the end credit I wanted.We see a big jungle and then the scene cuts to people with guns and weapons and then we see Ulysses Klaw he has a carpet over his arm an then we see a sneak peek at some metal on his arm, his gang starts a weapon deal with another gang he starts talking and then a fast black shadow interrupts him, and then his men keeps dropping on the ground he pulls a gun and starts shooting around in the air and then the Black Panther reveals himself and says "You will die!".

Now im done talking about what end credit I wanted, thank you for reading my post.

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