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Jordan Owen

I recently watched the latest instalment of the Mad Max film series and naturally I had high hopes given that it is a critically acclaimed series developed by mastermind director George Millar, and recent good reviews of the film stated this film was indeed also critically acclaimed. Yet I felt there were several essential elements that even this film missed out on. To start things off, the film had astonishing vehicle battles with incredible effects, particular the sand storm which is a big contributor to the popularity of the series and mainly what it is known for, yet it seemed for me the first battle from the point of Furiosa escape to the point where they escaped the canyon that it seemed to drag on with no point of rest until they reach what is supposedly the green lands, after this moment the film actually to the time to breathe and reflect more on Max's past, and the relationships between the women characters, which I thought was really interesting, particularly as a feminist I expect the women to just be as capable as kicking ass as the men. Then once the big battle at the end happened, I really enjoyed it! It was fresh again and I could just focus on enjoying the film. Yet, overall, how many lines does Max have? It just seems to me to be a little odd as to how the main character that has such few lines given that this is effectively a reboot of a major film franchise and I'm not sure you can introduce a main character that has few lines, few relationships between other characters and proved more of a supporting role compared to the rest of the women, particularly Charlize Theron, who seemed to prove herself more as the main character than Tom Hardy did. In fact, overall the women and Tom Hardy had relatively less dialogue than most films that I have seen. This to me is important as it the chemistry between characters, I believe is a large part of what makes a good film, an example of this is the Goonies, also a little more humour from the characters, especially Tom Hardy, wouldn't go amiss. On some good points, the locations and scenery were a wonder to behold, particularly Joe's Citadel and the stunts of the vehicle battles. Overall, this film has a large potential to improve, I would personally watch a sequel to the movie so long as it maintained the elements that made it a good film, such as the effects, the Battles, locations, character psychology, over-the-top moments and little things like the Flamethrower guitarist and a good Villain. This film series just needs to amp those things up a little more as well as the aforementioned elements that I believed the film missed out on. Once these areas are cracked, I look forward to future films that follow this potential.


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