ByTramaine Terrance, writer at

Chloe has demonstrated time and time again that she can hang with the best of them. She did a great job when she worked along side with Denzel Washington. He doesn't work with actresses and actors that can't act. Shit just doesn't happen. I can't think of any film that I've seen Chloe in that i didn't like. Now, bare in mind, not all the films she has been in are good. Let Me In, The Equalizer and Hugo are her best work in my opinion. No matter what anyone says, this woman has acting ability. It would be nice if they ask her to be in great material more often. Chloe deserves some good roles that's for sure. If Chloe vanishes from the acting scene, we have much to remember her by. Don't worry Chloe fans, she will be around for a long time. I will do my best to support her as much as i can. When you are a fan of someone, i believe that you should support them. A certain portion of their success depends on your support. All of Chloe's fans will band together to give her the strength she needs to continue. Thank you for all the wonderful performances, Chloe. When you smile, i smile awaiting your next film. Best of luck to you. The ability to get better with age is hard to accomplish. You pulled it off quite well.


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