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Hey guys! I know I'm late for the "Make Your Own Suicide Squad" contest, but I thought it was a really cool idea, so even though the deadline was over a week ago, I'm doing it anyway. (Because you know how we do.) Warning: This post contains spoilers for The Blacklist, Reservoir Dogs (1992), Sin City (2005), and Dredd (2012).


Reddington is cold, calculating, and above all, ruthless. He has expierience and expertise and, in all likeliness, would make an amazing leader of my hypothetical Suicide Squad. He has his own agenda and plays only by his own rules. Just watch the video above, which tallies up his entire kill count from Season 1 of The Blacklist.


To say Mr. Pink is a loose cannon is an understatement. He's uncontrollable and extremely dangerous. However, his concern for his own life and true identity could, on ocassion, get in the way of a would-be-flawless execution of a job or mission, which could make for some great interactions with other squad members. He prides himself on being "proffesional" and he doesn't give his name to his fellow thieves or let them tell him theirs. The conclusion of Reservoir Dogs sees Mr. Pink as the only Dog who survives the movie.


"Deadly Little Miho" could be the most lethal, most effective member of any suicide squad. She's mute, which is something that someone like Amanda Waller could appreciate and follows orders extremely well. She weilds swastika throwing knives (which is terrifying in and of itself) and kills her enemies quickly, execution style. If Miho has been sent to kill you, there is little to no chance of survival.


Ma-Ma is the complete psychopath. She's incredibly sadistic, adopting ultraviolence and overkill as her trademarks. A drug addicted ex-hooker, she's power hungry and enjoys killing for sport. She revels in being disgusting. She's one of the most terrifying movie villains I have ever encountered. And I watch a lot of movies.

With my squad, I wanted not only to pick badass, totally ruthless villains, but I kept in mind the dynamic of the Suicide Squad and how they interact with each other in the comic books. I wanted to assemble a team that would click in all the wrong ways. So, what do you think? What's your dream Suicide Squad lineup?

He's so handsome!
He's so handsome!

That's all folks! Thanks for reading!


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