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Marvel has never failed to disappoint us with their casting. No one, literally NO ONE, can come close to the casting of any Marvel movie. Right from Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man in Iron Man to Aaron Taylor Johnson as Quicksilver in AoU, Marvel has asserted their dominance in the "Casting World" (not even a funny phrase eh?)

Now, there have been rumors surfacing around Marvel and Sony that casting for the reboot of Spider-Man is nearly complete, with Asa Butterfield in the lead for the role of the web crawler. Also, there are NO rumors for a trilogy, but just one solo movie for the hero. But the main question still remains unanswered.

Who is going to be the web crawler's nemesis?

Note : These super villains are just shortlisted for viewers enthusiasm and possible characters who we would want to see in the movie. No affiliations or leaked images/rumors with Marvel or Sony is being depicted here.

Here are our options :

Green Goblin

He has been Spideys main nemesis throughout the web crawlers career as Spider-Man. GG has not only been played by Norman and Harry Osborn, but also by Phil Ulrich & Bart Hamilton. He was superbly played by Willem Dafoe in the first Spider-Man and was taken over by his son Harry Osborn, portrayed by James Franco in the 3rd installment of the triology. GG was also re-introduced in the The Amazing Spider-Man 2, played by Dane DeHaan.

They're replacing me??? AGAIN??!!
They're replacing me??? AGAIN??!!
The proud sons.
The proud sons.

Who should play The Green Goblin? Of course they should have Norman Osborn as he came much before Bart Hamilton and Phil Ulrich.

My choice for GG (Norman Osborn) should be : Sean Bean

He would make the perfect fit for Norman Osborn. Standing 5'10.5" tall and the perfect muscle for a Goblin, should make him the ideal choice for the villain of this movie.


Maybe its too late for the symbiote to enter into the MCU, but with creating a link to Red Skull (as S.H.I.E.L.D. lists them as the biggest threat to humanity along with Magneto and Doctor Doom) he would make a very good entry into the MCU. Previously played by Topher Grace as Eddie Brock in Spider-Man 3, The Venom is something Marvel fans would love to see.

Who should The Venom? The Venom should be portrayed by Eddie Brock, not anyone else please.

My choice for The Venom (Eddie Brock) : Casey Affleck

Younger brother of Ben Affleck, it wouldn't be harm seeing Casey enter the MCU. Now who wouldn't love to see 2 brothers join different production houses, who are rivals of each other!


If Marvel were to introduce Venom into the MCU, it wouldn't be fair if they left out Carnage. This red symbiote has been Spideys toughest nemesis and has always struggled to beat him on his own. His way of killing and torture always troubled Spidey. Venom also never liked the idea of 2 symbiotes in existence, so Spidey and Venom would sometimes team up and take Carnage for a task.

Who should play Carnage? He has to be portrayed by Cletus Kasady, a psycho killer who shared a prison cell with Eddie Brock at Ryker's Island Prison after The Venom was captured by Spider-Man, after he killed more than dozen innocent people.

My choice for Carnage (Cletus Kasady) : Aaron Paul or Edward Norton

He showed his worth in the famous TV show Breaking Bad alongside Bryan Cranston, playing sort of a villain role, and to be honest he would do justice to the role of Cletus Kasady a.k.a, Carnage.

He previously played The Hulk in the MCU but we have also seen him in a negative role like The Italian Job. He has had a lot of big screen experience and has had many box office hits like Fight Club and The Illusionist. A bit old-looking type of an actor, but that doesn't stop him from pulling off a spectacular performance, at any given stage.

The Kingpin

He has already made an entry into the MCU by being the villain in Daredevil. At the end of the season, Wilson Fisk gets arrested due to Daredevil's heroic acts. Recently, there have been speculations stating Daredevil could make an appearance in the Spider-Man movie, hence making a crossover more than possible. This is the perfect gateway Kingpin would need to enter into the big screen of MCU. Previously played by Michael Clarke Duncan (R.I.P.) , who fairly did a good job, was replaced by Vincent D'Onofrio in the small screen adaption by Netflix.

If anyone were to play the famous underworld criminal, it should and always should be played by Vincent D'Onofrio. The movie should have a crossover between the Netflix show and the big screen MCU. It would explain so many unanswered questions that many of Marvel fans (including me) have been asking.

Doctor Octopus

Member of the Sinister Six, he has the ability to crush Spider-Man and even defeat GG. But his emotional side towards his dead wife always prevents him from being too violent. Peter Parker always idolized Otto Octavious and when he found out that he was Doc Ock, he hesitated in punishing him. Previously played by Alfred Molina in Spider-Man 2, a re-introduction must happen and Marvel really mustn't think in at least giving him a cameo appearance.

Who should replace him? Only portrayed by Otto Gunther Octavious, he shouldn't be too hard to cast (if Marvel ever decide to have Doc Ock as a villain).

My choice for Doc Ock would be : Gerard Butler

Looks, physique and quality of THE perfect Doc Ock (even the Irish accent would raise the bar high). Played the role King Leonidas in 300, he even looks like a typical super hero villain.


The idea of bringing magic into MCU started all the way back in 2003, when Marvel had proposed on starting production of Dr. Strange. Now, more than a decade later we will be seeing the magician in his strides entering the MCU, as a super hero. But fans have always wanted to see Mysterio much before Dr.Strange. His ability to create illusions, fighting skills, weapon usage, etc granted him an entry into the original Sinister Six and has always caused Spider-Man a problem although, its yet not too late to bring in the skilled artist.

Who should play him? Must be portrayed by Quentin Beck, a failed stunt man and special effects technician working for a Hollywood studio, realized his ability to create illusions and be a major supervillain.

My choice for Mysterio (Quentin Beck) : Sam Heughan

The style, attitude, looks and physique of Mysterio, Sam Heughan will definitely be able to pull of a Quentin Beck. The 35 year old British actor, who plays Jamie Fraser in Outlander, has not yet had a big breakthrough, but the role of Mysterio will definitely give him one.


Who should be the villain in Spider-Man?

Well thats all from my side and stay tuned for more posts coming your way. Think the villains are not right? Got some suggestions? Think the actors are not right? Got some suggestions? Leave your opinions in the comments box :)


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