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Ben (I Am Negan) Wood

So one day ago this footage was released and seems to be the very first Captain America Civil War Teaser Trailer. This apparent leaked video has caused the internet to go wild and there have been doubts as to whether the video is real or fake... To me this is most definitely fake just like the Spider-Man Post Credit Scene.

One way that everyone should be able to tell this video is a fake is by Cap's outfit in the video. It's his outfit from the 2012 The Avengers and from the photos that have been leaked off set we all know that Cap will wear his Avengers Age of Ultron outfit. Also by now Marvel would of either taken down the video or they would have released an official teaser trailer. But this is only my personal opinion, if people disagree that's fine... I'm just looking at the facts and the main one being Caps outfit!


Do you believe this is the official teaser for Civil War or is it a fake?


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