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This will be a post credit scene to Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avenger's Assemble cut scene is at Avengers Academy where we see notable characters such as Moon Knight, Wonder man , Vision , Perhaps the back side of a pointy eared fellow with gills in the likes of Sub Mariner ,

We see an almost frustrated set of faces of the originals; Thor, Banner , Captain America, Scarlet Witch, Hawk eye as each potential member signs up for auditions in a near America's Got Talent or American Idol like submission, taking a number and so forth.

It's been a long day for each of these heroes as our hero of charm and charisma Tony Stark aka Iron Man chimes in and says " We'll I think that about wraps it up, it's been a long day....

Meanwhile cut scene to the very irritated and over looked wasp and ant man as tiny renditions of themselves.

Hey !

What about us !

too which Tony obliviously startled by their presence takes notice

Wasp commences too stunning and shocking Tony Stark in a way that only Robert Downy Jr can be stunned and startled as she stings him and chases him down we see Tony Stark reluctant to hit a Lady while threatening to hit her with his impulse blasters...

And finally Tony Flies off in the suite trying to escape the wrath of Wasp

and SCENE....


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