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There are funny movies, movies with LOL moments, hilarious movie, comedies, and then, there's Spy. This movie completely breaks past the boundaries of funny.

The story of Susan Cooper (McCarthy) a desk-bound CIA analyst who volunteers to go out into the field for the first time to infiltrate the world of a deadly arms dealers snobby daughter (Byrne) and prevent global disaster. All while having to deal with a rogue CIA agent (Statham) along the way. Only everything doesn't go exactly to plan.

Melissa McCarthy is a real comedic treasure, she has always been extremely funny in her previous comedies (Bridesmaids, Heat) but she took it to a whole new level in this movie. Whether it was having an awkward conversation, arguing with villains or agents, fighting professional killers or crazy car or helicopter chases Melissa did it all with such heart in her character. She might just be one of the best female comedians Hollywood has ever seen.

A lot of people were skeptical about Melissa playing a spy, but she sure proved them wrong. It's inspiring really, especially since most spies or action heroes don't look like Susan Cooper, and since these days there aren't that many female action heroes to begin with.

It was a real treat to see Jason Statham act in a comedy for a change. That angry personality his characters usually have was hilarious in this movie. Whenever his character Rick Ford was in a scene he completely stole the show, it was all eyes on him.

Rose Byrne who acts as Rayna Boyanov was amazing! Although her character didn't have much of a personality (other than a particularly pissed off one) she brought that character to life really well. She portrayed the role of a true femme fatale perfectly.

It was so different from all other spy films we've seen, it was really so much fun. There wasn't a single boring moment in the movie. You would either be laughing like crazy or on the edge of your seat during the action, but mostly you'd be laughing.

In most movies everything comes to a huge climax an usually that's when the movie ends, in this case once everything came to a climax (the first time), we were hit with a huge plot twist, an just as you think the movie is over an the laughter has died down, they sneak in one more big one.

Spy is definitely the best comedies of the year. Paul Feig has done a terrific job with this movie. He found the perfect cast and the perfect balance between action an comedy

The movie shows you not to judge someone based on their appearances, a good guy can be bad, a bad girl can be good and a plus size female can be a pretty kickass Spy!


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