ByCorben Reck, writer at
Corben Reck

This is my dream post credit scene for Suicide Squad. I wrote this for a contest enjoy!

We see Dr.Hugo Strange standing in a room looking through some files. In walks Quincy Sharp holding a file. He puts it in front of Hugo and it shows a picture of the destruction caused by the Suicide Squad, a photo of the Joker and Harley Quinn. Sharp says "Look at the damage... I think their perfect for your... arrangement" Hugo smiles while still looking away and says "Or a good....partner." He turns around and they both start walking out. The camera zooms in and we see a file with a photo halfway out. On the file it is the Arkham logo and the photo is a picture of Batman sitting on a gargoyle. It fades to black as we hear laughter. Then we hear Jared Leto's voice saying "You of all people should know...there's plenty wrong with me!"

Wish me luck on this contest and thanks for reading!


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