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A cop travels back in time to thwart a dangerous threat in this 30-minute short film that recently debuted on Youtube, reaching 10 million views in 3 days.

With a visual style reminiscent of old VHS tapes, Kung Fury features sentient, killer video game consoles, flying Lamborghinis, videotape tracking problems, headbands, Ray-Bans, a battle in space outside a satellite, ninjas, explosions, lightning, a sidekick named Triceracop, 80s synths, laser-raptors, viking chicks carrying gatling guns riding wolves, Thor, Nazi stormtroopers, Adolf Hitler AKA Kung Fuhrer, terrible mustaches, terrible puns, a severed arm being used as a helicopter, Mortal Kombat references, skateboarding on a spinal column, anime cobras on jet-skis, and David Hasselhoff.

It's sort of amazing.

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