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With the Marvel Cinematic Spider-Man Recently being reviled to be as Tom Holland it got me thinking what other heroes have not been Casted just yet. So here are my choices for upcoming Marvel and DC Superheroes.

Green Lantern - Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese defenitly has the acting chops to play John Stewart himself. He has experience with big blockbuster movies like in the Fast and Furious Franchise to the transformers franchise.

Ghost Rider - Jensen Ackles

Dean Winchester himself! The man who hunts all things "Supernatural" would make an incredible Johnny Blaze. He is a very serious actor and is no stranger to the small screen. So a Netflix series would be a great fit for the fella!

Captain Marvel - Emily Blunt


She is incredibly Beautiful, Talented, and Beautiful. She would play an AMAZING Carol Danvers,

Iron Fist - Jake Abel

From Playing the half brother of Sam and Dean Winchester on the CW's Supernatural, to being the Demigod son of Hermes in the Percy Jackson Movies. I think he is perfect to play Danny Rand.

The Punisher - Mark Wahlberg

Frank Castle is a man who lost a family Member (Four Brothers), he is a former soldier for the U.S Army (Lone Survivor, Three Kings, and Shooter), one of the most iconic Anti-heroes (Max Payne), he was a crooked cop (The Other Guys, 2 Guns, and The Departed), a Punisher movie starring this guy would for sure be a Block Buster hit (Transformers 4), and he is an amazing Street Fighter (The Fighter) So I think DJ Marky Mark could for sure [play this iconic Crime Fighter.


Which Was Your Favorite?

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