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In my opinion, summer is the best time to buy comics, for students that is...You get plenty of time to go to a comic store near you and buy a couple! Now, I know this seems counter-intuitive because you should be spending time outside in the summer, but on those supper hot or rainy days, nothing feels better than knowing you have some reliable entertainment waiting for you!

So, For your rainy-day comic adventures, here are 10 of the ones I read and loved (not in order of favorites):


Ultimate Six

The ultimate six series takes you to the creation of the Sinister six in Marvel's Ultimates comic universe. Check them out here!


The Infinity Gauntlet

This is a good way to give you some idea as to what has to happen in the next couple MCU movies. Because of this, I have a feeling I know who will probably die when! But then again...MCU and the comics don't ALWAYS fit together... click here for more!


Deadpool Vs Carnage

I did a review on this: here


Spider-man: Breakout

This was just really interesting, you got to see Spidey right after he was recruited by the Avengers...also, some villain rivalries! Click here for more!


Marvel 75th Anniversary Omnibus

This has a ton of Marvel's BEST comics...'nuff said! more here!


Deadpool Vol. 1

Some of Deadpool's firsts! So funny, so...DEADPOOL! Click here for more!


Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe

No description needed, just know this is awesome! here for more.


Deadpool Kills Deadpool:

Funniest comics I have ever read! Click here for more!


The End

This is just epic...must read! Click here!


Star Wars: The Golden Age of the Sith

Here is one series not by Marvel...Great for any Star Wars fan...really feeds that fandom! Click here!

So that's it for now! Sorry I don't have any DC comics, this summer I will probably get some and add them to my list. Leave in the comments if you want more suggestions, questions about the comics, or if you have any suggested comic series for me! Thanks for readin'!


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