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Well this is my first post on the site.Hope you like the it!!

Now coming back to the theory I wanted to share.You see,I've never read a comic from DC or Marvel. But,watching and observing MCU and DCCU has made me come up with something really exciting.

The MCU is entering it's phase three. DCCU is just entering the big world of cinematic universes better than ever. So now at such a point, what could one expect from these two giants??

Yes you guessed it right..

Marvel and DC, though nemesis in the cinematic world, could come together for many reasons:

1.The Big Bang - By the time Phase Three of Marvel is completed, it will be very firmly established .Also, DCCU will be on a high point. Now, what else could give all a high pitched Nerdgasm than two of the biggest comic cinematic universes clashing together!! Imagine Thor fighting Superman and Tony Stark taking down Batman with another improvement on his suit(but does not simply take down Batman...coz he is Batman) or moreover Wonder Woman kicking the a** of Captain America. I hope you guys are as excited by those imaginations as I am coz it's so damn cool to see our beloved heroes collide.

2.The Shattering - Considering the earnings of Avengers and Avengers: AoU , MCU is really gonna earn a buckload from Phase Three. Then why should DC stay behind. It's surely gonna encash Justice League and every of their kickass movie. But , the box office will go crazy on earnings if the two houses come together for a crossover. Records will be smashed with multiple Hulk smashes and moolah will rise higher than fortune of Bruce Wayne(figuratively,duh). Not only will new benchmarks will be set, the world will witness a great period of Cinema milestones.

3.The Creative Butterflies- Well, sure there are comic crossovers like JLA vs Avengers but in cinematic universes haven't always followed the comics. The union of DC and Marvel can get the brains of writers imagining story-lines beyond possibilities and comics may get a fresh revival of concepts through cinematic universes. So that means, not only the movies will be OMG_THAT_WAS_FREAKING_COOL , the future comics may have better plots than ever. Ain't it Win-Win for all??

4.The Evil's Shall Unite- Not only can the heroes unite, but also our loved villains can plan destructive strategies together. When Loki combines his mind with the madness of Joker...oh the Chaos will be jaw dropping!!. Sure they will be defeated.But what if they are defeated by the union of our heroes in a epic battle(heavy breathing). Nonetheless, seeing the top notch villains unite would be as interesting as watching heroes assemble.

And a Bonus one...

The Infinity- This is my favorite part as a nerd. Aftermath of the crossover has infinite possibilities. Numerous TV series and multiple Phases from both cinematic universes is possible from a crossover. If done right, the events can be planted in such a way that a fan in his teenage can enjoy the best of his favorite genre for his whole lifetime.(Personally, I wish this happens with me :-D). A never ending story that is weaved perfectly among supercool movies and intriguing TV series.

So that's it folks.The reasons why DC and Marvel should join hands at some point.

I wish Kevin Fiege reads this and acts like a initiator.(FYI I am be grateful to that guy for everything he has done with Marvel Studios). But also, anyone else is welcome to fulfill this dream.


Who do you think will win?

What do you think??


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