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So, this could be a post-credits scene in AoU, instead of that Thanos bullshit we got...

First: We go to a city. Los Angeles or maybe Detroit/Chicago.

It’s afternoon. One of these hot, sunny afternoons. The camera goes along the skyline of a desolated ghetto and then into an old apartment building, all broken and deserted, with the conditioner barely working, dirty windows with cheap curtains and paint falling of the walls. Then, we see a guy sitting on the couch and eating something. Cornflakes or Macaroni or maybe Rice, watching TV. The guy himself (we don’t get to see the face) is bruised and full of scars, but extremely muscular. The TV is old and working badly. It shows news footage of the Avengers. The man looks at it and sneers.

“The Avengers…what a joke.”

It is seen that he has short hair, a little gray at the lines and is missing one tooth. We still don’t see the face. Then he walks into the kitchen

Something like that.
Something like that.

and throws the now empty bowl into the sink. He grabs a beer from the fridge, lights a cigarette and goes to the balcony. In the street beneath, we see a cop fighting a small-time criminal, some punk.The man sneers again, only this time he is almost laughing.

"The cops...Give me a break. A bunch of self-assured fools that cannot do a thing right.

The man drinks the can empty and throws it from the balcony, onto the sidewalk, while the camera follows (the beer can). Then we hear a voice-over.

“It is simple. There is you and there are those punks who think they are above the law. You fight them-you kill them. No matter what the cops think. No matter what the press thinks.”

He walks into a laundry room and grabs a t-shirt.

“ And you will do everything to protect your city and its citizens. No matter how far it takes you.”

He then grabs a knife from the washing machine and walks onto his bedroom, where a fat, sweating man is tied up. His face is bloody, his body full of scars and bruises. On the bed we see knifes of varied sizes , a brass knuckle and a gun. The main character walks to him.

“So again, where is Billy Russo ?”
“I don’t know,”

the man stammers.

”I don’t know.”

The main character pushes the knife into the man’s hand.

“Wrong answer. Again, where is Billy Russo ?”

The man screams, stammers an address and asks if he will be let free. The main character grabs a gun and shoots the guy. The camera turns around and reveals the man’s face. It is Thomas Jane, who throws the cigarette to the floor and shoots the camera, which shatters into a human-esque visage. Then, in the background we hear a man screaming:

“I want his head on a silvered platter, surrounded by apples, do you get me ?!!! Do you get me ?!!!

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