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1.Jason Voorhees

Not your average psychopath. This guy will stop at nothing to kill his opponents with his machete, his weapon of choice. This brutal zombie will make sure you don't see the light of day, once he lays eyes on you.


The 4th Wall Breaking, Merc With The Mouth. No morals whatsoever, and will get the job done when assigned to. This sword wielding psycho and weapon hothead, is a good guy to have around when in dangerous situations.


This murdering forensics expert, who only seeks justice, will find whomever did him, or his loved ones wrong. He leaves no trace after he's done with his work(except for dead bodies), and just to let you know, he's a very neat monster.


Being the muscle of the group, he would take on larger opponents that the rest of the team can't handle. With the symbiote by his side, he is one brutal monster who without hesitation, will savagely attack his targets.

This is my version of the Suicide Squad, and thank you for taking the time to look at my post!



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