ByDeanna Medina, writer at
Deanna Medina

I thought these movies would be to much of a teen thing that wouldn't capture my adult interest. Wrong! Saw Twilight on video about a week before New Moons theater release. I became hooked. I have enjoyed this series tremendously! I love waiting for the midnight showing, sharing thoughts with other fans. I love the books, the movies, just being a fan! I don't care what people think I love the love story, how much Edward loves Bella. It's the Fairey Tale (of course with a twist... he is a vampire). As for the cast, well they should show more respect to the franchise that fast forwarded their careers! Being part of this has probably opened doors that may never have been opened for them. I read that Rob was going to give up acting if he didn't get this role as he wasn't doing well before. Look at his career now. This is a fictional movie based off of a fictional book series, it doesn't have to make perfect sense or be fully believable. Did Godzilla make sense, Harry Potter, Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings? Look at your selves now and just say thank you, you've been part of one of the biggest movie sagas ever! Fans say your welcome.


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