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For over an year, fans have wondered who this character is. Rocksteady says it's an original character. They worked with comic book writer, Geoff Johns, to create it. Most seem to believe that character is an man. Others have even thought a robot.

While this is based on comic books, would gamers accept that this new character is a robot or even a clone? I would find it be silly & uninteresting if this were to happen. The last Mass Effect had a DLC mission that had a clone but it was done in a tongue & cheek manner. Also wasn't part of the main story. Could it be a lady? I haven't seen too many people theory this & think it be a great twist since everyone is assuming it's a he. If anyone seen Batman: Mask of the Phantasm the new villain ended up being a woman. Bruce Wayne's love interest from early in his life that he was going to marry.

Phantasm/Andrea Beaumont
Phantasm/Andrea Beaumont

I have seen & read a number of theories, most of which I don't see happening. Recently, a bit of information regarding the game & this new character came up. It got me thinking as it was a clue or something to throw us off. This clue reads "Batman has rarely let himself be ruled by his emotions. Catwoman seems to be able to manipulate Batman's feelings, as does the daughter of Ra's al Ghul, Talia. But when Batman encounters the mysterious Arkham Knight, he ignores, perhaps deliberately, clues to the Knight's identity. For if the Arkham Knight is who Batman secretly suspects him to be, then that means he has truly failed someone he considers family."

So what does this mean? That the Arkham is someone Batman considers family or is it someone, believed dead perhaps, that wronged someone Batman considers family? This confirms the Knight is a he? We know the Knight has been around awhile in another country, building this army. They have this anger towards Batman. They've murdered 4 villains Batman have apprehended since the events of Arkham City. Those being a new Electrocutioner (took the mantel from his former boss that died in Arkham Origins), Tweetledee, Tweetledum, & Tweetledie? The Knight also doesn't want anyone to kill Batman but him/herself.Well let us briefly go over some of the theories fans have put forth.

  • The Joker

If you didn't know, Joker died in Arkham City. In the prequel comics (which are cannon) His body is cremated. It wasn't Clayface because I doubt he can manipulate bones, & the Joker gas that was kept within his body along with a Last Will & Testament. Why would he become this solider that has an army? Where's the joke? Plus Joker isn't as good of an fighter as Batman. Even if he was a clone...Why would you make a Joker clone? Everyone but Harley knows it would be a better world without him, right? I have always believed Joker will be in the game. His & Talia's deaths made an impact on him. Surely he must be tortured by this event. His parents death still does. Plus he'll likely be effected by Scarecrow's new fear toxin which will bring up some nightmares.

  • Ra's al Ghul

He has the means to gather an army but he is very old school. This Knight is very new school. Ra's has respect for Batman as well. His body does go missing but I don't see him creating this new identity for revenge.

  • Talia al Ghul

Recently seen this one & it makes more sense then most. No idea where her body ended up after Arkham City, but it's not crazy to think someone from the league or even her Father retrieve her body & resurrect her. However, the comics show the Arkham looking on as Batman is leaving Arkham City.

  • Hush

If someone can explain this than please do. I feel he is working with Scarecrow but I don't see he being Arkham Knight. The fact that he was in City seems to help this as Knight was already around but not inside City.

  • Jason Todd

You would think this theory would be dead since it was announced that Red Hood (the character Jason Todd would become) is in the game. Also seems obvious & I personally would be disappointed. I don't know where he would get the money to have an army.

  • Amadeas Arkham

I thought it could be someone related to the Arkham family or someone possessed by the Spirit of Arkham like Quincy Sharp. I don't think it is Amadeus himself but this one has me more curious than the rest. The name Arkham Knight has to mean something & I feel it's some how connected to the first game, Arkham Asylum. Amadeas Arkham's grave was dug up....

  • Damian Wayne/Wayne Family

I think he'd be too young & the league works very old school. Arkham Knight more likely to be apart of Argus than the league. As far as a long lost brother or sister? Given the right circumstances yes. However, the game would have to somehow introduce this or make reference to it without being blunt.

That covers most. I'm sure they are ones I've missed. So who is this mysterious Knight? I feel that this character must be connected to Arkham or it's family. If not, then why call yourself the Arkham Knight? This character either has money or is backed by someone who has money. This person has a personal vendetta against Batman. Not only wants Batman dead, but dead by their own hands. This Knight seems to see criminals as scum & is willing to murder them. They use high tech & guns were the league prefer swords & inventive means of using other people. The key is in Batman's past.

I have no real idea of who it is. However, I'm going to with the Knight being a she. It happened before with Phantasm. Andrea Beaumont has been hinted at in Origins. Weather it is her or someone else depends. The only people to cloud Batman's judgement has been a woman. The fact they say "him" doesn't hold weight to me in this context. A scorn woman believed died that Batman was close with, that's been waiting for the right moment to strike? I won't be disappointed if it's not true but I will be if it's Jason Todd, a robot, or a clone of Joker or Bruce Wayne. Then again, the story & journey could be so great that it works. 17 days I'll find out. Please share your theories, comments, & opinions. Later days....


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