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There have been rumors lately of Ghost Rider getting a Netflix series, and because of these rumors I started brainstorming actors I would like to see play the part. There are plenty of actors who could play Johnny Blaze, but I've managed to narrow it down to a top ten. And no matter who I choose, just remember, Nicholas Cage played Ghost Rider. (P.S. I don't care about an actor's "status" in Hollywood, I'm choosing actors that can play the part well whether or not they would do a Netflix series). So let's get started...

1. Karl Urban

Karl Urban, in my opinion, could play any dark character. However, I think he's most suited for Ghost Rider because he could most defiantly pull off the hot-shot biker Johnny Blaze, and not just the dark wounded man he is as Ghost Rider. I really hope that they don't give Ghost Rider an origin story and just do flashbacks like in Daredevil, but if they do, Karl Urban's your man.

2. Aaron Eckhart

Aaron Eckhart's performance as Two-Face is what made me put him on this list. That role proved that he can pull off dark and vengeful, which are the two biggest requirements for Ghost Rider.

3. Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel is my personal favorite on this list. I don't know why, but I just think Ghost Rider when I see him. I've never seen him in a dark role before, but I can just picture him turning into a flaming skeleton and killing people on a motorcycle. And he can't be as bad as Cage.

4. Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is on this list because of the movie Drive. I personally can't stand Gosling, but if he was cast as Ghost Rider, I would be happy. The bar for the character isn't very high, and Gosling is surprisingly a good actor.

5. Joel Edgerton

Joel Edgerton is an amazing serious actor, and could pull off the pure darkness that Johnny Blaze has inside of him. While I would rather see him cast as Wolverine, I would be happy if he was Ghost Rider.

6. Norman Reedus

Come on, we would all love it if Norman Reedus was Ghost Rider. Daryl Dixon is basically Ghost Rider without the flaming skull and with a crossbow instead of a chain. Not to mention Reedus is wonderful at playing the dark, "I don't need anything from anybody," attitude, which would be great for the character.

7. Charlie Hunnam

It would be kind of ironic for the Sons of Anarchy star to play Ghost Rider, but at the same time awesome. He obviously has experience with this kind of character, and I think all of us would love to see him play that type of character again. Not to mention he would probably break the internet.

8. Jensen Ackles

Come on, we all would love to see Dean Winchester take on the role of Ghost Rider. Jensen Ackles can play dark like nobody's business, and has the appeal of Johnny Blaze as well. He would be my ideal choice for a Netflix series since he mainly does TV, and could instantly become a fan favorite. Do you think he could trade in killing demons for being one? And well, killing demons?

9. Josh Halloway

Look at Josh Holloway and tell me you don't see Johnny Blaze. Just imagine his shoulder length hair flowing in the wind, slowly burning away along with his face as he turns into Ghost Rider. Yeah, it could work.

10. Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland's Ghost Rider in my opinion would be Nicholas Cage 2.0. He's an older actor out of his prime, but the acting wouldn't suck. Not to mention Sutherland looks the part a lot more than Cage, and honestly hasn't done much since 24. Sutherland would be great for a Netflix series.

What did you think? Do you have an actor you think would make a better Ghost Rider? Let me know in the comments!


Who do you think would make the best Ghost Rider?


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