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This is very offensive. I was born with ceberal pausly. We don't need dolls with a handicap. We don't need dolls to remind me and other people who are like me that we are "different".

All we want is to be treated normal. Giving dolls to people that have disability, a doll with a disability is saying, oh you have a disability, here's a doll with disablity, . You're giving it to us, because we have a disablity. How heartless!

These dolls creates segregation that says we aren't normal that we need special things, because we have disability.

The greatest gift you can give someone a disability, is treating them the sane as everyone else.

Giving us dolls with disabilities doesn't say you're normal it says we are different and need to be in own group.

These dolls are insulting, we have to deal with our disabilities everyday, we don't need dolls to remind us that we're different.

Stop shoving it in our faces.

When I was a child, life was difficult having people treating you some sort of a disease, the greatest thing my family gave was ro treat me like no different than no other child that didn't have disability. Playing with normal toys that every kid played made me feel normal.

Stop trying to understand us, because you never will. You have no idea how difficult our lives are.

Having dolls who have disabilities it like telling us, you can't play with the other toys, because they don't have disability.

Not everything needs to be modified because we have disability. Our disablity doesn't define us, so quit telling us that it does.

I find it cruel that many parents would give their child such a doll. Why would you always remind them they are different.

Letting us do what other people do means a lot more than giving us a stupid doll that remind us we're different.

Just because someone has disablity doesn't mean you have to them as person with disablity


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