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What is your favorite color? Is it blue, is it red, is it white? Do you prefer green, yellow or orange? Maybe black is your color of choice (or the lack of it). In our daily lives there is an array of colors that dictates our moods, likes and dislikes. These colors are powerful tools to convey feelings and emotions.

Although the X-Men team was conceived in the 60's, it was clearly a child of the 80's & 90's. Chris Claremont was its father and Jim Lee its cool older brother. With its explosive action and lively colors, unapologetic set pieces and over the top drawing panels, the X-Men became a banner for a generation of kids that felt alienated in their own social environment. Like "grunge" music or Converse shoes, comics were a symbol of autonomy and belonging to what is now called the X-generation. This book is a tribute to that era and its culture. Digitally remastered and recolored, it adds extra dimension and new layers of color to an already fantastic pencil artwork.

If you are a purist, you can disregard it as another gimmicky attempt to get your money. But if you are just like me, you will see it as a way to honor not only the X-Men but also to pay homage to a unique time in history. And although nothing beats the old, it is always good to see things under a new light.

Here it is, my video review of the X-Men Mutant Genesis 2.0 :

(note: due to youtube rules, this video is not visible in some countries and in some mobile devices. Please, if you encounter any problems, try to access it through your laptop or desktop computer).


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