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Iron Man to the end
Stefan Watts

Alright guys we all love end credits scenes in MCU, we live for them I know I do. Anyway I decided to mix both MCU and DCU together for my top 5 cameos we must have ( end credits )

#5 ) Superman flies into the storm = ok this might be rediculous to think cause their both from different brands, but hey I said mix right ? Anyway this makes sense if thought about, we know Superman can survive in space so wouldn't it be cool if he I don't know went to Asgard and come across Thor. Thor could be in his chamber and look out of his window to see Superman flying across the sky and just before the scene end we see Thor tighten his grip on the hammer.

#4 ) Black Widow jumps with fright = ok if they ever decided to do a reboot of Catwoman, then they need the iconic woman to see herself in the mirror cause literally Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow is everything she is. The end credit for this possible film would most likely be Catwoman in a ally way beating up a mugger when she is approach by Black Widow only saying "I like your suit".

#3 ) Some shot = [ please note for any of this to happen a stand alone Hawkeye film must be made ] Hawkeye ( Clint Barton ) is on a mission to track down a rogue agent. He come across him in Starling City and just when he going to wound him, he is stop by Arrow ( Oliver Queen ) saying this is my city.

#2 ) Caught in a web = if a feature length film is made for the Flash, then what better way to have an end credit scene than with Barry Allen to do what he do best and run, he runs around the city a couple of times and on his last lap he runs into a spider's web. The Amazing Spiderman is there to greet him "nice night for a run".

#1) filthy rich = finally we're at number one, I save this for last cause it's the most realistic one of them all. Iron Man ( Tony Stark ) jets into Gotham for a business trip, his potential new business partner is none other than Bruce Wayne ( Batman ). Mr Stark would be himself and utter "ever thought about adding a little red to the suit".

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