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This season of the Flash was simply amazing, and the finale topped off the perfect season already made. There were laughs, tears, and gasps during the finale, but now it's time to visit the top ten most shocking moments of the season finale.

10: Eobard mentions Rip Hunter

I know this isn't all that gasp worthy, but, it is in the same way. If you (I hope you did) watched the Legends of Tomorrow trailer, you see Rip Hunter talking to the team. Rip is a member of the Time Masters, an organization who's job is to protect time itself, Eobard mentioning him makes me wonder if he had anything to do with the Time Masters.

9: Future Barry tells current Barry not to save his mom/ Barry doesn't save his mom

This is probably after the Flashpoint Paradox, the darkest timeline where Barry does save his mom, but it causes more harm, WAY more harm, then good. Barry listened to Barry and didn't save his mom, I put both of these in one so I have room for some happy stuff. Long story short, Future Barry new the consequences and told current Barry to leave history alone, and Barry obeyed and watched his mom die.

8: Eobard tells Cisco that he is a meta

This is definitely gasp worthy, Cisco is becoming Vibe! When Eibard killed Cisco in an alternate timeline, Cisco was horrified. When he found out that when he was re-living those in his mind, I'm pretty sure he was more horrified. Cisco told Eobard about that experience he never forgot, and Eobard said that he can only remember traces of an alternate timeline if he's a meta-human. Here comes Vibe everyone!

7: Jay Garrick's helmet comes through the singularity

Okay, I know like 90% of you are probably laughing at Mercury Juniors helmet, but this is huge! Jay Garrick was the Golden Age Flash, he was the first before Barry, Wally or any other Flash. This means two huge things. One, they are introducing the multiverse! There are several speedsters in several worlds, and Jay Garrick is one. It also means they are introducing other speedsters, so Barry will have a few new fast friends.

6: Henry tells Barry not to save his mom

I gotta admit, I kind of agree with Henry. I mean, you risk your life, risk the world, so you can undo an event that turns you into a superhero? Anyway, Henry's argument is that Barry has become an extraordinary man, not just as the Flash but as a person, and Henry didn't want to risk time changing who Barry is.

5: Caitlin and Ronnie get married (finally)

This was one of the many ready eyes moments in this episode. I mean, first Caitlin thinks Ronnies dead, then she finds him, then she finds out he's Martin Stein in Ronnies body, then she learns that Ronnie is still in there, then Stein and Ronnie almost go nuclear, then team Flash tried to separate them, then they do go nuclear, then the explosion separates them, then team Flash creates a device that allows them to merge and Speedste at will, then they go to get help, then they come back, THEN the wedding finally happens! Wow, I didn't realize how many events happened in between the Accelerator and the marriage! Anyway, the point is this FINALLY happened.

4: Eddie and Iris get back together

The second awwwww.... moment of the episode. Eddie did create a good motto for the first season though, screw the future. They broke up because Eobard showed Eddie a newspaper from 2024 where the article was written by Iris West Allen, Barry Allen's wife. He broke up with her because he thought Iris and Barry belonged together. He got back together with her after a long talk with Martin Stein where Stein explained Eddie was a wildcard, the only person who gets to choose his own fate, that he's a coincidence. I'm gonna need a minute now.

3: Killer Frost in the Speed Force

This is for realsies the biggest moment in the Speed Force, I darn care what people say about the Flash Museum it didn't even make my top ten! This confirms we'll either see our sweet little doctor Caitlin Snow turn into a cold-hearted (see what I did there?) villain, or another version of Caitlin that is evil and has been for who knows how long.

2: The singularity re-opens

Because losing a great friend and almost getting killed wasn't enough, let's almost get killed again! And not only that, but let's have who knows what come into our universe! This was a really bad moment for Team Flash, and S.T.A.R. Labs, and Central City, and America, and the world. The episode ended with Barry running up the singularity trying to stop it, so, I guess we'll have to wait until October to see how it ends.

1: Eddie shoots himself

This was the worst moment for anyone who has a heart. Eobard is Eddie's descendant, if Eddie does before having kids, Eobard, who was about to kill everyone but Eddie, would never exist, so, Eddie put a bullet in his chest. I'm gonna need multiple moments now, this death has had a sad effect on all loyal viewers.

Honorable mentions:

Eobard tells Barry he can save his mom

Eobard tells Barry he can save his mom

Cisco builds a time machine

Cisco builds a time machine

The Flash Museum is shown in the Speed Force


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