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Carter Gonzalez

MadKat is one of the villains from SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron. He debuted in Season 1, Episode 12 known as "Enter the MadKat". MadKat was a Jester in the Dark Ages, but he went mad after other Jesters took his place; he decided to take revenge on the jesters but was imprisoned by the King, Queen & Knight. His Spirit was trapped in a "Kat in the Box", but was freed when an escape mental patient named Lenny Ringtaill who was a comedian turned looney, escaped an insane asylum found the Kat in the Box that looked liked him. Lenny was caught by the owner and the owner told the story about MadKat as Lenny was about to grab the Kat in the Box the shop owner grabbed a baseball bat trying to get the box from Lenny but Lenny attacked the old man; then the strangest thing happened. The Kat in the Box came alive, laughing like a maniac, this shocked Lenny thinking to himself that he must be crazy but it was the Spirit of MadKat. Lenny Ringtail grabbed the Kat in the Box turning into MadKat, thus MadKat was free and ready to take center stage. MadKat appeared on the Late Show with David Litterbin 'Spoofing David Letterman' kidnapped him for his revenge; MadKat's Revenge would be complete once he captured the King, Queen and Knight. Mayor Manx, Commander Feral & Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs were Captured. The Curio shop owner came in telling the SWAT Kats that the three balls on his Jester hat is his Achilles Heel. After T-Bone Destroyed the last ball everything returned to normal; MadKat was turned back into the Kat in the Box and Lenny Ringtail turned back into himself. David LitterBin was going to start and needed a guest star. on an episode of LitterBin Lenny Ringtail appeared and they buried the hatchet, Lenny said that he was going to write a book called "MadKat & Me." MadKat to me is a mix between The Joker from BatMan and Discord from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic combined together.


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