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I love watching horrors, it's one of my favourite genres. It weird but I like watching them more when I'm pregnant. All I did was watch horr

Hi everyone, my name is Laura and this is my first post (which will probably be terrible haha)

Just thought I would have a laugh about horror cliches.

i mean, do we all shout at the tv when we know a character is going to do something that they quite clearly and obviously shouldn't do haha!

For example, a killer breaks into your house. Where do you run?

in a movie the answer is upstairs of corse haha where you can either jump out the window and seriously hurt yourself and get trapped and be killed.

In the real world, you would run outside and get help lol.

Another example, if you manage to actually hurt the killer. What do you do?

In the movie, you go right up to them to see if they are dead and that's when the killer lunges. And they always lunge haha!

In the real world, you keep whacking, stabbing or shooting till they are actually dead haha!

Am I the only one who shouts at the tv? (Not through all films though, just the silly ones haha!)

And its always the big boobed bimbo that gets to be killed first, yippee lol and that's after she's had sex (cause there's sex in most horrors. It might aswell be porn horror haha.

But obviously all of these things make the movie what it is... If the victims actually thought with their heads then the movie would be over in about half an hour haha! So there's not much point in following the rules is there haha

Hope you enjoyed.. You can all make fun of me if you want.. Just thought I would write it as a bit of a laugh :)


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