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Jason R. Weaver


Deckard and Rachel get in the elevator. The credits roll as Vangelis plays.

Black screen for a moment, then we cut back to an earlier scene in the movie.

"You've done a man's job sir!" Gaff on the roof across from Deckard and the body of Roy Batty. But the scene is different. It's shown from a different angle. From above. Watching them. "I guess your through huh?" Gaff throws the gun and turns. Then...

BOOM! The screen explodes with color and is blurry and distorted.

"IT'S TOO BAD SHE WONT LIVE! BUT THEN AGAIN WHO DOES?" As Gaff says his parting shot at Deckard, a display of sound waves scrolls vertically on the side of the display as we realize we are watching this unfold in infrared.

Gaff walks back silently to the Spinner. Deckard sitting quietly contemplating the dead replicant. We hear Gaff's words repeat over and over subtly changing pitch and order. Screen cuts to black and we hear once more low pitched and ominous in the dark...




Ok yeah, I just crossed Blade Runner and Predator. But they're in the same universe anyway. Alien vs. Predator is common knowledge. But there's an easter egg on the Prometheus blue ray, that has text from Weyland's journal talking about a competitor, and it's a reference to the Tyrrell Corporation. All I did was connect some dots...


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