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Top Disney Channel Live films Since 1990 to now, many we all miss! Disney has made some great films for television and kids of all ages, lets revisit some the highlights. Any missing? please post them below. It is hard to get them all in.

The Disney films covered in this list below are from 1990 forward to today in 2015. Please post below any memories or thoughts on these. I know there are some who will love or/and hate some on this list. Please remember this is a trip back to in time to now only.

  • Wish Upon A Star
  • Nightjohn
  • The Ernest Green Story
  • My Date with the President's Daughter
  • The Color of Friendship
  • Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century I, II the zequel, III, and IV
  • Escape to Witch Mountain 1995
  • Quints
  • Back Home 1990
  • Friendship in Vienna
  • The Little Riders
  • Goodbye Miss 4th July
  • Smart House
  • Suzie Q
  • Heidi
  • Halloweentown I, II, III and IV
  • Horse Sense and Jumping Ship
  • Up up and Away
  • Johnny Tsunami
  • Brink!
  • The Luck of the Irish
  • The Thirteenth Year
  • Miracle in Lane 2
  • Rip Girls
  • Stepsister from Planet Weird
  • Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire
  • Phantom of the Megaplex
  • Motocrossed
  • Cadet Kelly
  • Double Team
  • Gotta Kick It Up!
  • A Ring of Endless Light
  • Under Wraps
  • Brink!
  • Right on Track
  • Tiger Cruise
  • The Cheetah Girls I, II
  • Don't Look Under the Bed
  • Cow Belles
  • High School Musical I, II, III
  • Twitches I, II
  • Teen Beach Movie I, II (2015)
  • Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama
  • Stuck in the Suburbs
  • Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior
  • Jump In
  • Camp Rock I, II
  • 16 Wishes
  • Princess Protection Program
  • Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie
  • Avalon High
  • The Suite Life Movie
  • Buffalo Dreams
  • Radio Rebel
  • Lemonade Mouth
  • Zapped
  • Bad Hair Day
  • Descendents (2015 this summer!)

All of these listed bring back memories from the musicals, to the some action, to the drama, the comedy and love of family. Each has their moment and each is still shown at some point or another for the most part on Disney channel, youtube, and other places.

Where are these for DVD/BluRay or Digital release? Nowhere and few are on DVD from the 1990s. Many of these were released on VHS video, and very few on DVD (Smarthouse).

I do hope at some point Dinsey will consider and actually release all of these on DVD or Blue Ray for us to enjoy. However, no sign of many of these ever being released. Films like the Color of Friendship, Double Team, Zeno collection, Brink, and others should be released on at least DVD.

Also, the Parent Trap III and VI where released in the 1990s it would be nice to see those released on DVD at last too, maybe as a combo pack? Dinsey likes those combo packs.

What do you the reads think? Should these be released on DVD in combo packs? Maybe by release year or collections?

Please post any thoughts on this below.

The tradition is continuing forward with Descendents this summer 2015.


Should these come out as One film at a time or Combo packs by year release?


Should Dinsey Release these 1990s and some of these 2000s not yet release on DVD/ Blue Ray Combo Packs?


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