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When i arrived on this shitty planet, i discovered Bruce Lee. He was unlike anyone i had ever seen before. He was like something that stepped out of a comic book. The big difference was this dude was for real. I saw that a small man could still be very powerful. More powerful than those that happened to be larger. Bruce opened my mind to all the possibilities of the world. Every time i looked in his eyes, i saw the strength and power that i wanted to have. For some reason i was born different from all the humans around me. For many years i couldn't understand it. Bruce Lee taught me to look deep within for true strength and power. As long as you believe in yourself, nothing is impossible. The sky is not the limited. There are no limits except the ones you place on yourself. I watched every Bruce Lee film i could get my hands on. Not only did i watch them, i watched them over and over again. On top of all that, i read many books on Bruce Lee. In my mind, i believed that i could get mentally and physically stronger than i was. Humans, i started at 97lbs. A weak piece of shit that the humans laughed at and bullied. Bruce Lee was one of the humans i had in mind when i started to make personal changes. Humans laughed at me and doubted my willpower. I accomplished my goal. Bruce will always be a big part of my life. Let me get into some details real quick, humans. I went from 97lbs to 205lbs. I did it all on my own. My willpower and rage got me to my goal. Martial Arts, meditation, mental training and physical training will always be a part of my existence. My existence will most likely not allow me to have a long life. This does not matter. When you live on the edge, only then are you truly living anyways. I walk this planet alone. This will never change. I'm much better with me, myself and i. Honestly, because of humans like Bruce Lee, i have enough willpower to last 100 life times. How can Bruce Lee be dead when so many humans hold this man close to their heart? This includes Terrance "The Beast" Harris. His speed is something to admire as well. Speed combined with power is something you don't want to fuck with. Bruce's passion for Martial Arts and training in general is something that put a big smile on my face. Every time i saw this man, i couldn't help but smile. Perhaps, i'm not truly alone on this shitty planet. I have Bruce Lee and many other men of strength in my heart and soul. They give me the power to carry on when i want to drop dead. Training is the only thing that makes sense to me. Everything else is Irrelevant. It's sad that Bruce died so soon. It would have been a true honor to shake his hand and have a conversation with him. I'll never get that chance now. Bruce Lee will continue to live on through me and everyone else that love him and embrace his type of lifestyle. For, we don't strive for perfection, but simply improvement/progress if you will. Maybe one day, i will see you, Bruce. I would like to thank you for helping me become strong when so many humans were trying to tear me down. The dragon spirit grows stronger everyday. We are many spread throughout this shitty planet. Humans ask me all the time what my favorite Bruce Lee film is. I always have the same response to every human that asks me that question- ALL OF THEM. GREATNESS CAN SHINE THROUGH ALL DARKNESS. A TRUE LIGHT NEVER BURNS OUT. EVEN AFTER DEATH.

Written By: Terrance Harris

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