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Hi! I am Bea,and Iam only 13 years old. I am using Dana Grace Imperial's Acc. this account is also mine.The very first Anime that I watched was Spirited Away of Hayao Miyazaki, At first I didn't really appreciated it cause I'm just a kid. But now that I am a teen ager, I rewatched the movie and a very strong impact hit me! That caused my addiction to that movie. I started searching all about the movie and about the director and suddenly I felt really down after reading an article about Hayao Miyazaki's Retirement and what's worst? There is no Spirited Away 2!... So I am wishing for a Spirited Away 2, I know that its director is already retired but after some researching I found out that His Son was also a director! So, please, Can he create a sequel for Spirited Away? Its not only me who is wishing for a sequel, also other Spirited Away Fans. I know that no one can beat the original creator but please atleast make a Sequel! I just wanna find out what will happen after Chihiro leave the Spirit Realm, What will happen to Haku and to the other Spirits and Most of all, I wanna find out what will happen to Haku and Chihiro's Promise to each other!...I really really hope for a Sequel!


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