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With Daredevil being a smash hit, it's safe to say that; along with the success of Agent Carter and Agents of Shield, Marvel will be a dominant force on the small screen as well as the big. They already have Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist all lining up to join Daredevil on Netflix, as well as many more Marvel heroes all rumoured to be getting their own shows.

While I love the Daredevil show, I was really hoping it'd follow in Agents of Shield's footsteps, and keep the after credits scenes that the films have become famous for. However, I was also hoping that it'd improve upon them by having them actually matter. Too often we sit through a Marvel film right to the credits end, waiting for some big easter egg, and instead we just get an extra gag. These after credit moments are the perfect time to introduce new characters and concepts into the MCU, using the characters and concepts we already know (A good example of this is the post credits scene in Captain America: Winter Soldier).

When it comes to their shows, Marvel doesn't have to stick an end credit scene in every episode, but it'd be great if the season finals had something in them to set up future plot lines for future seasons, or films, or even other shows. We love it when these characters meet. The whole MCU is based on how much people loves crossovers, and we need to see this in their shows, which helps it all to feel like one, big, interconnected universe, whilst also allowing the characters to stand on their own two feet.

What has this got to do with bring Blade to Daredevil?

Well, as I said, a post credit scene at the end of each of Daredevil's seasons would really help to establish new characters and other shows. As it stands, I believe that a post credit scene featuring Blade would be the easiest to pull off, using elements from the show.

How you ask?

Well allow me to show you with...

My Dream Post Credits Scene:

Open on a skyline of the city, then pan down to docs. A boat from Japan has arrived and is delivering a shipping container. As the boat's crane lowers it to the ground, we see a Japanese businessman standing in front of it surrounded by armed guards. As the container hits the ground we pan up to a row of containers situated be hind to crowd. On top of it sits Stick, Daredevils mentor. He finishes constructing his bow and reaches down for an arrow. Suddenly he hear's gunfire. He looks up and sees the guards fighting with a man in a long leather jacket wielding a sword. He cuts through the men with ease, flipping and kicking, avoiding the gun fire. He comes to the business man, pulls down his collar and reveals ancient markings on his neck. As the businessman begs for his life, the mysterious figure plunges his blade through his heart.

Now that all the guards are dead, the figure approaches the container and opens it. Inside is another Black Sky child, this time a girl. She, struggles against the chains holding her in place but can't get free. The man walk up to her and then stabs her with his sword. The girl burst into fiery ash.

As he puts his sword away, Stick walk up behind him, gestures to the Japanese businessman and says "I was hoping to leave him alive". The figure responds "Sorry, but I hate familiars". Stick twitches his fingers, feeling the air around him, and sniffs. "You smell like one of them, but you don't feel like one... So what are you? A man or one of them?"

Pan around to reveal Blades face as he says:

"No. I'm something else..."

Cut to black.

The biggest mystery from daredevil is "what is black sky?". I think it's be great it it turns out this is the code name for vampires, creature who can only move at night when the sky is black. Why are they children? Well that's what makes them so rare, they are vampire children. They are more reckless and dangerous than adult vampire, as they can't fully control their powers, but are more easily manipulated and captured because they are children. Imagine having an army of vampire children? That'd be a pretty great weapon to have.

This also explains why Stick calls the Black Sky "it", and can explain the war he keeps talking about. It's the war between humans and vampires. Between humans and demons.

This is a post credit scene that, reveals so much, without doing to much, whilst also bringing one of the greatest badasses of all time into the MCU. I have a few other reasons this could work in the MCU, which is going in different directions form the comics, in order to make all these different elements work. However, I've taken up enough of your time. If you'd like to hear them, please leave a comment below, let me know if you agree or disagree with my theory, what do you think Black Sky is? Who would you like to see in the MCU? Thanks for reading.


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