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Michael Myer's is one of horrors most recognizable and iconic faces. With over 100 kills, a lot of which are notable, I have narrowed it down to the 10 I thought were the best and most memorable.

10) Ice Skate to the face (Halloween H20, 1998)

Poor Joseph Gordon-Levitt didn't even make it 15 minutes through a Halloween film before he was killed. This death made my list because it's always nice to look back on now super famous stars who ended up dead in a horror movie.

9) Neck Break ( Halloween 6:The Curse of Michael Myers 1995)

This death is one of the most brutal deaths in my opinion because Michael only uses his brute strength. This death stuck with me for a while after I watched this movie, granted I was about 8, it's still memorable even if it's not from one of the best in the franchise.

8) Brady's Death (Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, 1988)

Here is another scene where Michael only uses his strength. This scene makes my list because Brady deserved it. After getting caught hooking up with the girl he worked with because Rachel got stuck babysitting, he tried to be heroic and redeem himself. This is what I like to call karma.

7) Nurse's Death (Halloween 2; 1981)

This scene made my list because I personally believe it's one of the most memorable scenes in the second movie, seeing Michael lift her up with just a scalpel is incredible. The shoes dropping at the end makes the scene even better. I think this nurse was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

6) Laurie Strode's Death (Halloween: Resurrection; 2002)

This kill scene made my list for sentimental reasons. This was the moment Michael was waiting for and Laurie had been avoiding for years. We all knew this day would eventually come, but we still all had hope he would never catch her.

5) Annie's Death (Halloween; 1978)

This death makes the list because it was a personal favorite. I personally liked this scene because of the way it was filmed, with the foggy windows added to the creepiness of the scene and just hearing him breathe in the background was terrifying.

4) Hot Tub Scene (Halloween 2; 1981)

This scene is one of the most brutal, I think, out of the whole franchise. This scene just makes me cringe because the thought of having your face shoved in boiling water is traumatizing. Also seeing her skin slowly begin to peel away adds to the brutality of the scene.

3) See Anything You Like? (Halloween, 1978)

This scene is another one of the iconic death scenes in the franchise, which is why I placed it so high in the list. This had to be one of the most suspenseful deaths in the first film, and the build up was great. The fact Michael Myers killed her dressed as a sheet ghost just makes it 10 times better.

2) Thumbs Up! (Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, 1988)

This scene for some reason has just traumatized me from the moment I first watched it as a child. The noise his thumb makes while its crushing into his skull is a hard noise to forget.

1) Bob's Death (Halloween, 1978)

Bob's death scene is arguably the most iconic death in the whole franchise. The look and head tilt Michael gives him when he steps back is creepy as fuck and you can't help but wonder what he is thinking. Is he admiring the fact that he was able to stick him to the wall with just a butcher knife? The world will never know, but this scene will be remembered for some time to come.

BONUS DEATH! (H2, 2009)

Personally not a fan of the Rob Zombie remakes at all, but before I catch heat for not including them in the list here's a scene from his version of Halloween 2. I picked this scene from the Zombie films because it's just brutal. This is one of the only scenes I remembered after leaving the movie theater so its the only one worth showing.


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