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Hey everyone. Currently, Moviepilot is running a contest on post-credit scenes and I thought I’d throw my hat in and do what appears to be an impossible task of predicting the post credit scenes of future Marvel films. I feel like this won’t count as part of the contest, but following the guidelines, I’m allowed to put out multiple ideas, so here we go. Given how long these ended up being, I was thinking about splitting up the piece into two articles, but I thought that might be confusing, so prepare to sit down for the long haul. If you want to see what I've written for a particular scene, just scroll down. First, let’s address previous post credit scenes and if they even need to be changed.

Iron Man

Iron Man’s post credit scene is the scene every other post-credit scene should look up to. Introducing the idea of the Avengers happening on screen, it was very well executed and I would change nothing.

Incredible Hulk

This scene isn’t really as memorable. It features Tony Stark approaching General Ross about the Avengers team. Although, given how it turned out in the end, it didn’t make much sense. The short ‘The Consultant’ cleaned it up a bit, but I think it should’ve gone down like this:

*fade in on a dark alley in the pouring rain. A homeless man sits behind a garbage disposal drinking beer and humming. Lightning flashes and he looks up to see a man in a hood standing over him. The man looks at him*
Hooded man: Can I have some of that? (points at the beer)
Homeless man: (holding his beer to him) NO! It’s mine
Hooded man: Ok. I guess it’s bad for the brain cells evidenced looking at you. You should probably put down the drink and get your life together
Homeless man: (yells) YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!! YOU’RE NOT MY LEADER!!!!
*He puts his hand (his hand is garbed with an odd-looking glove) on the homeless man. His gloved hand sparks slightly. The hooded man lifts his hood to reveal a man with a gigantic green head*
Hooded man (now revealed to be Samuel Sterns): On the contrary sir, I think I am.
*The Leader smiles to himself as off screen the homeless man’s voice can be heard saying: “yes sir”*
*Cut to black*

Obviously I’m taking some creative authority with what the Leader can do, but making a glove to control people is well within the realm of possibility of something the Leader would do, maybe even taking the victim’s knowledge as well.

Iron Man 2

Iron Man continues delivering the goods with a hint at Thor in the post-credits scene. Again, well executed and it feels necessary, but doesn’t really feel very Iron Man. Personally, I thought it fit well though.


Thor’s post credits scene feels necessary as it set Avengers up nicely. It’s detraction from the plot as Loki is shown to still be alive is slightly jarring though and I feel like a briefer version of the scene in Captain America where Johann Schmidt finds the Tesseract would’ve set up something successfully without detracting from the plot.

Captain America: The First Avenger

Being the only movie left before Avengers, all it could do was set up Avengers and that’s what it did. It felt odd, but it was needed.


Avengers began what has now become a tradition of including two scenes, usually one that is a joke. It worked fine, setting up Infinity War and having a fun shawarma scene.

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3’s post credit scene worked well and gave the film a funny meaning behind its existence. I love Iron Man 3 and while I thought ‘All Hail the King’ was a show of weakness and simply a damage control attempt to appease “fans” who were angry at a clever and funny twist came that nobody saw coming. So, here’s my scene:

*open on a prison. Trevor Slattery is lying down in a prison bed. We hear a voice*
Voice: Well that was pathetic!
Trevor starts talking: Yeah. Sorry about that that. I thought I didn’t need you guys to do it...
Another Voice chimes in: Well you were wrong.
Trevor: Hey! It just doesn’t make sense to do anything when there’s only two of you right now. This isn’t my fault. It’s Tony Stark’s fault...
First Voice: Then do something about it
Second Voice: Find the others and make Tony Stark pay!
Trevor: Ok Ok! Just get me out of here.
*We see two rings slide from under Trevor’s bed and they blow a hole in a wall facing outside the prison*
Trevor looks out the hole as the two rings float onto his fingers
Trevor: He thinks the Mandarin to be a pushover (changes to Mandarin voice) he’ll never see me coming....
*fade to black*
First voice: See? I TOLD you that voice was more menacing.


Of course, Marvel would go on to make serious villains more comical (see: Ultron)for the purpose of suiting their universe, so this wouldn’t be out of character for them at all. Plus, the rings have proven to have senses of humour before.

Thor: The Dark World

The Guardians of the Galaxy set-up worked well and connected with Thor 2 well. Not much to change here. The other scene felt a bit unnecessary and awkward, but the first one worked, so I’ll leave it.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Despite my feeling about Winter Soldier, its first scene worked well. It’s second scene was also serious, but it really didn’t work at all. A comedy scene would have worked a lot better. Something along the lines of:

*open on Captain America sitting down on a chair halfway through talking*
Captain America:...and THEN, I’m in an elevator with like, 20 guys. They’re all looking at me and I KNOW something’s up so I said “Before we start, does anyone want to get out?” and I sounded so cool. One dude suddenly jumps me with a laser stick thingy and he’s like (makes weird face) RAAAGGGHHH!!!! And I’m like (gestures a punch) POW! Then, some other guys grab me and I’m like ‘OH NO!’ and I swing and I swing and I kick them. I’m just beating them ALL up. Then this dude looks at me and he’s like “It’s not personal” or something and I just smack him down and I’m all like “Seems personal to me”. Then, my shield is on the ground, so I sort of stomp it and it flies into my hand. I’m not really describing it as cool as it was though, but that was what happened. Did you want me to continue?
*We cut to aged Peggy Carter lying in bed, listening to his story*
Peggy: Oh young people these days....

Now, this is obviously a bit of a stretch in character, but I believe the Russo Brothers would do something like this.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy was a feel-good comedy film and its mid and after credits scenes really put that across. They worked well.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

This mid credit scene felt a bit useless and served to only set up the already-hinted-at Thanos, while suggesting another glove. Otherwise, it didn’t really do much. Something more connected to the movie would have fared better. Something like this:

*a bright white light flashes. Ultron wakes up on the floor of a small room. He looks up to see Thanos sitting on a throne*
Ultron: Where am I?
Thanos: I cannot believe you failed me so. I gave Loki the Mind Stone to wreak havoc among the mortals, cause death and get the Space stone, but he failed me. I assumed the Mind stone would be experimented on by Mr Stark and could make something like you, but I ALSO ASSUMED you’d obtain the Space stone and you wouldn’t just GIVE THE MIND STONE AWAY!
Ultron: Who are you?
Thanos (unfazed by Ultron’s question) BUT I’m giving you a chance to redeem yourself. Join me in finding the gauntlet, retrieving the stone and completing the ORIGINAL JOB and I’ll spare your pitiful life a little longer.
Ultron: Not until you answer me. WHO ARE YOU?
Thanos smiles: I’m the one who pulls the strings.
*cut to black*

Now, how would the rest of the post-credit scenes for FUTURE films turn out?


Ant-Man is rumoured to be the first MCU film to feature any reference to Spider-Man, so I’m doing something like that, except this will probably be a bit of an exclusive reference:

*open on an office. Someone is sitting in a chair facing away from his desk and also the camera. A man bursts into the room from behind him*
Man (Employee): Sir! Mr Osborn sir! We’ve collected all of what the scientists have dubbed ‘Pym Particles’ from where the fight took place and we’re in the preliminary stages of making our OWN ANT-MAN SUIT!!! Dr Starr is very excited. This is a project he’s been working on for a while now.
Osborn(offscreen) : Is Mr O’Grady prepared?
Employee: Oh more than ready sir! (somewhat awkwardly) Are you sure he’s the right choice? The female employees find him creepy and annoying. He’s not really hero material...
*Camera cuts to back of chair*
Osborn: We don’t need heroes. We don’t need Avengers. We need powered people that can strike fast and get the job done. We need...(Osborn swivels around to reveal his face to the camera)...Thunderbolts.
(Maybe as the music ramps up ominously, we hear a faint Green Goblin-esque laugh)

Captain America: Civil War

Now, this scene would only happen given how I expect the film to turn out. The scene would take place after a Civil War that involved a Vision/Scarlet Witch relationship, being warned of the future (Infinity War) and Scarlet Witch having some sort of a breakdown (which she prone to in the comics. Maybe she’s partially responsible for the film’s version of the Stamford incident?)

*open on a dark street with people hiding in the shadows as a woman in bright red (Scarlet Witch) and a man in green, red and yellow (Vision) ascend the steps of a mansion*
Vision: I’ve been checking through the Hydra files from when they took over and they, albeit briefly, mention a man who might be able to help you with your little.....problem...
Scarlet Witch: Are you sure?
Vision: I’m always sure when it comes to you Wanda. We need to prepare for the coming war and there’s nobody better to help you tame your chaos magic other than a man who has control over a magic based upon order and control. (knocks the door)
Scarlet Witch: Yeah. We don’t want a repeat performance of what happened. I might end up hurting you (alluding to the ‘Avengers Disassembled’ event)
*The door opens and a man is standing in front of them*
Man: Hello. My name is Wong. Are you here to see the doc....
*A voice interrupts him*
Voice: Oh just let them in. Can you not feel the magic emanating from her?
*Dr Strange steps out of the shadows*
Dr Strange: I swear...why do I even keep you around? (he winks and smiles, suggesting he’s just joking with Wong. He then extends his hand out). You must be Wanda. I mean, I know you are because I just saw you on the tv with that whole thing with the...(gets lost in his own voice)... Anyway, I’m Doctor Strange. I will be your magic teacher
*cut to black*

This would lead into Scarlet Witch appearing in Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange would probably dealing with Baron Mordo in the film, so why not do something akin to the Avengers end-credit scene? For this scene to work, I feel like Doctor Strange will have to make a ‘Man of Steel’-esque compromise and kill Baron Mordo.

*Fire bursts onto the screen. It blazes for a few seconds as we see a figure emerge in it. Suddenly, the figure swings its arms out and the flames fly away as the figure steps forward to reveal itself as Baron Mordo. A voice booms as Baron Mordo steps forward*
Voice: How could you have failed? You’ve been training longer than him
Baron Mordo: Beginner’s luck. Won’t happen again.
Voice: Oh (sarcastically) I’m SURE it won’t. Also, sidenote, you’re kind of dead.
Baron Mordo: I can’t be dead. This isn’t Hell, despite all the demonic imagery you've put around the place....
Voice: Oh you’re good. I brought you here a few milliseconds before you died and left a stand-in. So, do you want to have another go at Strange? I can help you this time.
Baron Mordo: Why would you want to help me? What do you get out of all this
The voice reveals itself to be Dormammu
Dormammu: Oh my dear Baron...I get pure chaos...

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

This is assuming that the whole team is alive by the end of the film.

*open on the Milano.The Guardians are chilling and talking*
Drax: I’m pretty I threw it the furthest
Rocket: I’m pretty sure you’re wrong. Tell ‘em Groot!
Groot: I am Groot.
Rocket: Told ya!
Star Lord: I swear Rocket, you can use Groot to win any argument
Gamora: What is that? (points at a nearby light)
*The light twists into a human shape as Doctor Strange is revealed*
Doctor Strange: Hello Guardians. I have heard much about you and I have to ask for your strength in a coming battle. A war.
Star Lord: We’re not the WARRIORS of the Galaxy man. We just guard stuff.
Gamora: Well that’s underplaying what we do....
Doctor Strange: Well, it’s an important matter of importance to some of you. Thanos.
*Gamora and Drax suddenly look up. Their attention had been grabbed*
Drax: What about him?
Doctor Strange: He’s going to destroy the universe as we know it (looks over at Star Lord)...starting with Earth.
*Star Lord looks up in interest*
Star Lord: We’re in.
Rocket: Groot and I object. We have no interest in this...
Groot: I am Groot!
Rocket: aaaaaand we do.
*cut to black*
Rocket: damn...

Spider Man

I honestly have no idea what to expect from this one as really ANY villain could appear and ANY storyline could be used. I do believe the end credits scene should be either the Avengers alerting him about the coming Infinity War or a new villain like Mysterio, Vulture or Kraven. Something like this:

*open on an arena. A rhino runs forward as a man leaps forward and cracks its neck with his bare hands. The rhino lies dead on the floor as a lion pounces from behind him. The man turns around and swings a kick at the lion’s face. The lion falls to the ground. The man turns around towards the camera to reveal the face of Kraven*
Kraven (muttering): It’s not good enough. None of it is good enough.
*Kraven walks through a door on one side of the arena and arrives in a room. He picks up and reads a newspaper from a nearby desk as he walks forward. Lying in front of him is a coffin, with a family portrait above it*
Kraven(talking to portrait): I can’t go to my death until I am the strongest. I have felled the mightiest beasts in the world, but there is one that remains. One that hides behind the illusion of being insignificant, but it far stronger than the Rhino, far more elusive than a Chameleon and more cunning than a Jackal. This being is more than an animal. It is an animal in the body of a man. I’m sorry. I can’t finish just yet. I have to slay this final beast.
*Kraven throws down the newspaper he is carrying. It is a copy of the Daily Bugle with the title ‘Spider Menace strikes again’*
*fade to black*

Thor 3: Ragnarok

After Ragnarok finishes up, Thor will probably have exposed Loki as the fake ruler of Asgard and if Surtur is the villain, he will probably have been defeated. Loki probably won’t be dead as he’s pretty much confirmed for Infinity War. So here’s how the scene would go

*open on Thanos standing on his floating rock base, looking out into space*
Loki (offscreen): What happened to the Other guy? (walks onscreen behind Thanos) Oh I just heard that as I said it I assure you
Thanos: Oh. He was.....made redundant.
Loki: Interesting. Is that what happens to those that fail you? (smirking)
Thanos: You taunt with your words. No wonder they call you the God of Mischief. To have such a gall to challenge me, you surely seek Death?
Loki: You’re one to talk (smiles knowingly)
*Thanos is thrown off-guard for a moment, before regaining composure*
Thanos: Is that why you let your brother beat you into the dirt countless times like the insect you are?
*Loki glares on Thanos angrily*
Loki: Look, do you want it or not?
*Thanos turns around and holds his right hand out, shifting his left one behind him. Loki holds out the Tesseract*
Loki: In the destruction I couldn’t get the other Gauntlet....
*Thanos holds out his left hand, wearing an Infinity Gauntlet with a few gems in it already*
Thanos: That’s ok. I only need one. Now off with you
*Thanos holds out the Tesseract and teleports Loki away*
*Cut to undisclosed location that Loki appears to have made his home. It is a homely place. There are sofas and other comfortable items that look alien. Several sceptres are lined up, along with what appears to be the Berserker staff from Agents of SHIELD. There is a safe nearby which appears to be made of the metal that made up the Destroyer. It has the same design on it. Loki waves his hand towards it and it opens. He reaches inside, before pulling his hand out again, this time garbed with an Infinity Gauntlet*
Loki (eying the Gauntlet): God of Mischief indeed....
*cut to black*

Also, before you say that the scene was too long, I timed it (acting it out and taking into account pauses and pans of scenery) and it just slightly higher than the second Thor 2 scene, the Iron Man 3 scene, both Winter Soldier scenes, the Hulk scene and maybe even the Iron Man 2 scene (that’s stretching) and falling below the Thor after credits scene and the first Thor 2 scene. Taking into consideration that all these films had more than one scene, it actually makes it fairly short.

Avengers Infinity War Part 1

I feel like this film won’t have a post credit scene, given the already continuous nature of the film, so I’m not going to address this.

Black Panther

I feel like the first film will have a major villain of Klaw, while there will be a rivalry storyline featuring White Tiger, which will lead to a discovery that White Tiger was secretly being provided for by a villainous character. This character will be revealed in the end-credit scene. I came up with the idea for this scene based on a trend I have seen in minor trend I have seen in a few Marvel sequels. This pattern is a ‘sins of the father’ pattern (or more accurately, ‘mistakes of the father’) In ‘Iron Man 2’, Howard Stark had made an enemy of Ivan Vanko, which led to him becoming Whiplash. In ‘Thor 2’ Bor, father of Odin, is the one that hides the Aether away (it is later found and used destructively) while he doesn’t finish the job and Malekith is still alive to cause terror in the present. Odin’s mistake of letting Loki live in a cell instead of die leads to Loki taking over his throne. In ‘Age of Ultron’ Tony Stark harbours a “son” of sorts in the villainous being incredibly similar to himself by the name of Ultron. Guardians 2 promises Star-Lord’s father and in the comics, he’s not a a good guy and in the movie, he’s described as a “jackass”. So, following that train of thought:

*opens on a small village where some villagers are carrying food into one house. Sitting inside cross-legged is a man, with spears adorning his walls*
One villager: Are you ready Mr N’Jadaka?
*N’Jadaka pulls down a mask from above him and puts it on*
N’Jadaka: Yes B’Aroka. T’Challa will pay for his father’s sins. But first, one last hunt.
*N’Jadaka stands up to leave before stopping, as if taken aback*
N’Jadaka: Oh no need to stand on ceremony with that Mr N’Jadaka stuff. Just call me Killmonger.
*Killmonger walks out. Cut to black*

Captain Marvel

Honestly, I know hardly anything about Captain Marvel, so I have basically no idea what to expect. I feel like, given the Kree connection, this film might take an Iron Man 2 route and set-up the next film (not counting Part 2 as it’s technically part of the same film). The scene would go down like this:

*fade in on a boy with a blue scaly face looking upwards*
Boy: Earth is becoming more and more aware of our presence, my King. We need to act NOW.
*pan up to reveal a shadowy throne with a figure covered in darkness. There are other shadowy figures sitting beside the main figure, who is suggested as being the King. One of the voices speaks up*
Voice 1: We thought our people would be fine in seclusion on Earth, but it appears that events of the past few years have made them more prominent
Voice 2: Somebody released Terrigen mist into their ocean and now ANY ancestors can become powered.
*The figures step out of the shadows. Black Bolt is leading them, patting Lockjaw while Karnak, Medusa and Gorgon flank him*
Medusa: Our king suggests we should make contact. Rally the armies. It’s time that Earth met the REAL Inhumans....
*cut to black*

Avengers Infinity War Part 2

After Thanos is defeated, the movie ends and the scene begins, setting up a whole new arc. This could, in my opinion, go one of three ways. The first one, Kang, is the least likely, given his relative lack of power compared to Thanos. The new story would need to change pace and while Mephisto would be a great addition, it wouldn’t add anything fresh to the Marvel universe. However, this scene might do just that. I chose the particular hero featured on the reasons that there wouldn’t be too much fan-backlash from the scene while being a bit of a homage to how this particular arc started off. The scene would go down like this:

*A man dressed in a suit is standing in an alleyway with a briefcase. Elektra walks past and he gestures for her to come over*
Elektra: I had to maintain appearances, so I went ahead and assisted them in their war.
Man: You should watch yourself. If your abilities weren’t up-to-scratch, you could have lead to them discovering you
Elektra: I had enough training from the Kree war. Plus, I think Thanos distracted them enough for them to not question my abilities. What’s in the briefcase? (points at the briefcase)
Man: Coincidentally, this is your salvation. This is the ultimate way to complete your infiltration. As you know, we have agents everywhere. SHIELD, Hydra...
Elektra (interrupting): Who can tell the difference anymore?
Man (continues, without missing a beat):...Enclave, Stark Industries, the Wakandan Dora Milaje. Specifically though, we have agents in AIM. We’ve been using our influence to develop a project. Project Adaptoid. The humans don’t question motives when they are blinded by promises of advantage in combat. So, we’ve got the first sample in this case. Since you’re the only one of us impersonating one of Earth’s “heroes”, we decided to give it you to complete the illusion.
*the man pulls out a needle and Elektra grabs it, jabbing it into her arm*
Man: That will allow you to emulate the abilities of those you impersonate, simply by touching them. It’s only in preliminary stages so you can only take one power at a time.
Elektra: It’ll do. Thanks. Anyway, I’ve got to go. I’m assessing whether Matt Murdoch, also known as Daredevil, is a viable choice for impersonation, given his disability.
Man: Well I’ll see you around. I’m still doing investigation work on Tony Stark. May you have success in your mission
Elektra: And you as well
*the man and Elektra look at each other, as their faces forms into the faces of Skrulls*
Elektra & Man: In the name of the Skrull Empire
*cut to black as music ramps up*

This one could actually happen, since the Skrulls are actually under Marvel, while the Adaptoid can stand in for the Super Skrull, which is owned by Fox.


As much as I love the Inhumans, this one is difficult. Given the current direction Marvel is taking the Inhumans, it’s impossible to tell whether the movie will be JUST about the royal family or involve them interacting with Earth Inhumans. I’d vouch for something along the lines of this:

*Karnak, Black Bolt and Medusa are hurriedly walking down an Attilan hallways*
Karnak: The humans will not give us our people back. It’s time we took violent action. I say we send a small team down there and destroy everything. How about I visit their world leaders, cripple them, then Lockjaw teleports you to all their major cities and you destroy them with a word or two.
Medusa: No, our King has a better plan
Karnak: What sort of plan?
Medusa: The Inhumans are arriving on Earth too slowly. We need something faster and more powerful
Karnak: Well what do you suggest?
*the three of them arrive at a door. Black Bolt pushes it open and they walk in to see Inhumans building something. The camera zooms in on it.
Medusa (offscreen): A bomb
*cut to black*

So what do you think guys? Would you like to see any of these scenes in the movies? Let's talk about it in the comments.


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