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Aint got time to explain.

So lately people have been creating their own Suicide Squad for a contest here on Moviepilot. Unfortunately, My five would be breaking the rules since some of the characters are good guys. Even if I'd get disqualified from the contest for breaking some rules I have created the ultimate Suicide Squad.

1. Rick Taylor (Splatterhouse)

In the later reboot of the classic game, The mask gives Rick Taylor the ability to do atrocious things such as transforming into a hulking monster with razor sharp spikes piercing out of his skin which gives him somewhat of a "Spawn" like appearance. He also can grow stronger from the blood of his enemies. This would make him the perfect villain though.

2. Gabriel (Supernatural)

Though also proving to be a good guy in the series he is from, Gabriel has done some mischievous things to show a side of himself perfect enough to be selected as a villain in a Suicide Squad. He's responsible for making Sam relive the same day over and over. The trigger being Dean dying in several hundreds ways in the same day. Also known for making Sam and Dean live their lives as a television sitcom. Gabriel could use his angel abilities to cause some serious havoc.

3. Him (Powerpuff Girls)

This creepy cross dressing demon from the Cartoon Network series, The Powerpuff Girls, much like Gabriel, has the ability to play with people's minds with trickery. But through nightmares. Him always had a way of making the girls nightmares a reality. His crab claw hands can also give his enemies a separate fate.

4. Freddy Krueger

We all know this iconic horror film villain for killing people in their nightmares. He also joined in the Mortal Kombat Tournament in MK9.

5. Spawn

Al Simons, Spawn, was created to become the leader of Hell's army but refused to join. Spawn's necro armor gives him the ability to force spikes out of his body kinda like the new Rick Taylor. His armor can also heal his wounds. This would have been the perfect job for him if he decided to be a villain.

How can these five characters work together?

I'm sure it's obvious hiw they can work together to cause chaos but for thise of you who really can't put two and two together (Or should I say all five) here is how they could work together. Gabriel and Him both have the ability to create havok within the minds of their opponents and can play tricks with the mind. With their combined power they can create the most disturbing settings and scenario for their opponents. With Rick, Freddy and Al being nightmarish characters themselves would fit in perfectly into their nightmare trickster scenarios. Him and Gabriel would be able to give different opponents different fates using one of the three whether it be being torn limb from limb from Rick Taylor or being tormented by Freddy Krueger or being taken down by Spawn. For more powerful opponents, A new location can be created by both Him and Gabriel while Rick, Freddy and Spawn all go at it with the opponents with the strange nightmare settings giving them the edge in battle.


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