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Zak Smith

My Dream Post- Credits Scene- Avengers Age of Ultron

Camera cuts to Stark’s jet, flying in the sky. Camera then moves inside the jet, and we can see Tony Stark and Captain America arm wrestling. Tony is in his Iron Man armor, while Cap is wearing his suit without the mask.)

Cap: There is no way you can beat me, Tony.

Stark: Just watch.

(Tony struggles for a minute, but then glances out through the window next to him. Another jet catches his eye- the X-Jet! It flies close to Stark’s jet, and we can see Logan (Hugh Jackman) arm wrestling Cyclops (James Marsden). This distracts Tony, and Cap takes this opportunity to win the competition.)

Stark: I was distracted!

Cap: By what?

(Tony looks out the window one more time, to see the X-Jet fly away into the distance.)

Stark: Missed opportunities.


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