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Hey people, this is part of the post-credit contest entry made for Moviepilot and I'm interested in taking part of it, which I'll chose for such a scene? Well it is none other than Star Wars VII itself! Yeah, I know it sounds a bit weird of it because of the famous credits scenes which take place in nothing more than pure space right? Well, let's see if there's one for this upcoming great movie.

This one will be a combination of assumptions of myself and recent rumors:
We cut to space after a victory from the Resistance against the First Order, Snoke's voice is heard, saying that the recent actions of the Resistance were more than they expected, with the destruction of their new weapon and their base in a key planet of their rule, it seems that even with their renewed rule being different from the old Galactic Empire, there are still many planets who want side with the democratic New Republic, that is ruling in many parts of the galaxy, meaning that they were engaging in a cold war similar to the one in The Old Republic game, we cut to what seems to be inside a spaceship, with the close-up of Snoke himself looking at space, he finishes his statement by declaring that now it's time to show the galaxy who deserves to be the rightful ruler of all, declaring:"The real battle...has just begun." Then it cuts to outer space again, this time with the sight of a HUGE First Order fleet preparing itself for war, setting presumably the main plot lines of Episode VIII and IX.

Who will survive?
Who will survive?

Well, this is my try for a post credit scene but I hope you like it, cheers for you all and may the force with us on the 18th of December!


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