ByDylan Howard Geenen, writer at

Mkay 1st off. Why keep killers rapists and the other guy in prison? There's no point oh wait if they think on there actions and began to change maybe they will be forgiven only if there truly sorry and blah blah blah. Mkay it's stupid and pointless to keep any of them alive you all ready for this? Taxes BOOM!!! Inmates get free health care whaaaaa??? They get good meals whaaaaa??? Why? Oh there human they shall be treated as such.....Really? I say ugh fuck and no (Fuck-No) they murderd,they raped,and the other one same basic difference,why would we be paying from our Taxes to keep them alive? Why? Oh Jesus and God don't believe in human life destroying life. Tuff shit were all animals beasts of nature only difference is were more advanced in many if not all ways. But still were capable of killing eachither without feeling of good or bad.and 2nd off even crazy's as my self there is a reason for everything I don't care if you believe or not but a part is always there knowing of what's going on and why. Unless you have a baby's mind the. Ur excused. But yes we all are and can kill there's no right nor wrong about it. We just choose to believe that killing is wrong,unless it's under self defense or killing to save ones life or country. It doesn't and shouldn't matter, people blame society for its problems but when it's fact it's not we are the problem. And some day law (man-made) will crumble onto itself. Inhumaine really? Funny no it's not inhumaine at all. See I could just go right outside right now and walk into some random persons house and kill them and or there family to. And it won't be at all wrong. Here's why cause if we take law out we dropp from being civil and from being human to being our original selves animals. It's that simple lol. Take law away and watch what happens. We will eat eachother hate to take that quote from the joker but it's fucking very true fact. We will deviour eachother law is what makes us who we are order is another word for I force of law. If I was to have a million people follow me,and follow my set of rules of which is also known as laws then everything would change. Let's say I made a law that permits humans to kill another only if one is to disrespect,cheat,steal,or lie 3x you have all rights to kill that individual how ever you see fit.or if I gave certain guided rules of how to kill such as you may bash ones skull in only if they insult you mom with something of false truth. Or you may drowned an individual only if he or she steals you recipe and takes all the glory. But take law aka rules out and in I force them well become blood thirsty savages. So really why not just kill the people who break the rules instead of paying for them to live? It's pointless might as well transform into a fish and swim away just to be killed.cAuse that's pretty much what is happening to us were paying for inmates and other things just to get what out of it? Nothing.but you know everyone has there own opinion so really it doesn't matter.


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