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According to the Dailymail, when home owner Sandi Preston purchased the house used in the 1985 film in 2001 she noted the first few years were idle. Until, the movie's 20th anniversary rolled by and Preston soon found her estate flooded with fans. Reportedly, during the summer seasons she's had as many as 1,000 visitors A DAY!

On set of The Goonies.
On set of The Goonies.

This has become a nuisance for neighbors and residents, as visitors will stand in the driveway or in the access road and refuse to move for passing motorists. It has become draining for Preston herself. "Though I enjoy meeting new people, it's become very difficult to live here," she revealed to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Mikey's home in The Goonies
Mikey's home in The Goonies

Preston acknowledged she was aware of the estate's history when she purchased it. And despite some fans being discourteous, there have been pleasant and even touching encounters. One incident was a mother who's son had recently died (Goonies was his favorite movie) and she brought his remains to Oregon. She then asked the mourner if she'd like to spread some of his ashes in her garden, which the mother accepted.

Unfortunately, Preston found out online someone had spread a person's ashes on her property, without consent. And with the 30th anniversary gala being held this weekend in Astoria, Oregon, hopefully, tourists will have learned by now to be courteous and not inconvenience the residents of Astoria, Preston included.


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